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 Hell If I Know What To Call This... >.>

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PostSubject: Hell If I Know What To Call This... >.>   Fri Feb 19, 2010 3:43 pm

As I stand at the edge
I gaze down at the rocks below
They seem to call to me...
"Throw your body down,
And splatter us crimson..."

"...You have wasted all your love
On people who didn't care.
What have you got to live for now?
They'll be sorry
After they gather your remains.
They will still never be able to piece together
The mystery of your suicide..."

"And after all is said and done,
After the storm,
After a while, no one will care.
Their lives will go on.
But we rocks will still be red...
Colored by your wasted life."
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Hell If I Know What To Call This... >.>
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