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PostSubject: Hell   Mon Aug 03, 2009 2:00 am

The heaven that we're told,
Is a word thats hard to keep.
Who know if when we die if we'll behold,
If we deserve to make the leap.

And land on the cloud at heaven's gate,
Stare at it's guarded home.
Stare in the face our living fate,
And the death we're cursed to roam.

I was not a lucky one,
I was told to leave.
I was not the faithful son,
I did not believe.

But that was not the problem,
That kept me from my goal.
It's that I was solemn,
To open up my soul.

So whether I deserved it,
Or whether I've done wrong.
Into the shadows I'll be tipped,
Back where I belong.

My eyes close as time rolls by,
The Hell forming around me.
I do not know if I'd live or die,
If I knew the fate of thee.

But my eyes shot open wide,
My gasp far from quiet.
In my gaze my room rezides,
The hell, I now stand beside it.
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