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 the journey

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PostSubject: Re: the journey   Tue Aug 09, 2011 12:49 am

(Sorry for the -late- reply, I must have clicked on this and then went out and forgot to post. Sorry again)

She smiled at how nimble her enemy was, or atleast he was her enemy in the sense that he was forced to be her enemy. She could only assume that he had studied what weapons a ninja used. It was most likely because he had come from the past, or atleast so the story had said. Back then ninja's were a more common threat, especially when someone needed a samurai taken out of the way. It may have been why Aku had approached them with the job to kill this man.

As he pulled his sword out she yanked her second scythe back so that the chain wouldn't be broken in half. She jumped back lightly as she saw her enemy do the same and she gave him a slight nod. As she nodded she looked down to check over her weapons, finding them relatively unscathed and seeing that the chain wasn't broken or snapped in any way. It would have been a serious dent in her plans if it had just suddenly broken in the middle of the fight.

"Your pretty good Mr. Jack, I will give you that. I can see why the 'Great Aku' has so many problems with you." She said, her voice turning sarcastic as she said 'great aku'. "But I'm afraid I must deny your request for me to just leave, it's simply just not an option for me. If I were to leave right now I would return home only to be killed, or if not they'd hunt me down no matter where I ran. My clan is very....untrustworthy when it comes to people leaving the group. Plus, if I did fail and live I'm sure Aku would fix that rather quickly." She spoke

"So I'm afraid Mr. Jack....." She said as she brought her scythe's up and fiddled with them in her hand. " of us is going to die in this engagement and I'm sorry to tell you that I'm not going to let it be me." She said with a smirk before swinging her scythes again and swung one, aiming for his leg so she could trip him. Then she ran at him, hoping to catch him off guard and slash his chest open.
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PostSubject: Re: the journey   Wed Aug 03, 2011 4:10 am

Jack was ready for anything, even if the attacker was a female--it wasn't his first time fighting a woman, but he didn't like the fact any more. He eyed the weapons, knowing very well what they were and how they were to be used; even though he was a samurai, he learned the ways of the treacherous ninjas to protect him from horrible death.

"Miss, I urge you to reconsider your decision; I wish not to hurt you and I don't find it--" his words were useless or went ignored as the scythe launched forward at him. Immediately, he whipped out his katana to block it, only to have it wrap around the steel. He frowned and quickly dodged the other attack, stepping to the side to get out of range completely. As he maneuvered around the woman, he slipped the sword out of the chain and slashed down at the chain that connected the two scythes together.

Jack leapt back to gain distance, staring the woman down, "I will advise you once more, miss; I wish not to hurt you and I find this decision ill. I do not know you and thus, I feel as if there has been no harm done to you from me. Please, lower your weapon and I shall forget this ever happened."
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Number of posts : 4241
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PostSubject: Re: the journey   Tue Aug 02, 2011 1:56 am

(Good, talk about perfect, it's probably like ten times better then my post is gonna be XD)

Vera was surprised when word from the grapevine trickled down to her and told her that the 'great Aku' was hiring out their services. She had never thought the demon or whatever he was was that great, considering he was an imperialistic bastard that sought nothing more then his own gain. She had even thought that if he had no need for humanity, they probably wouldn't even be here.

Imagine her surprise when she was selected as the chosen assassin to take on this problem that Aku had. She had no idea why they had selected her, she wasn't anyone incredibally special but she wasn't the worst either. Just an average girl in her clan of mercenaries, or as they preffered to be called, "Shinobi". It was all just honorific titles to her, all things that they weren't really, because in her mind they were slaves and would stay that way as long as Aku was in power.

When she had finally arrived at Aku's evil tower she learned exactly why she was selected for the job. The target that had been the big pain for the great Aku was a Samurai named Jack. He had become famous as the time traveler who was here to defeat and imprisson Aku and along with that came the idea that he was a complete and total badass. They had probably selected her just because she was what she was, average, and since she had no family in the clan, she wouldn't be missed too much.

But that was all in the past, and in the present she had been following the Samurai for a very long time, waiting for the right moment. Engaging him in open ground was a terrible idea, he'd have the room to use his blade and she'd have no place to hide or jump away so she could use her weapons that were better at range such as her Shurikens.

She had gotten the feeling that he knew she was there, or atleast he knew someone was tailing him. When lightening struck nearby, she jumped and hid behind a small hill and waited for him to continue his walking. Her feet silently moved as she tailed him into a large city that had a factory in the middle of it.

A scowl formed on her face as she saw the smoke pumping out of the giant stacks that the factory had. They blurred out the skyline and polluted the air and it took all her strength not to gag from the toxins it was shooting out. She had to admit that the city was her greatest ally, that it concealed her all the time, but that didn't mean she had to like the heavy industrialization that came with it and the factories that naturally followed.

Once inside the city she spent little time on the streets and immiedatly jumped up onto one of the rooftops, using her parkour skills to easily navigate the rooftops of what she could only describe as shacks since they hadn't been built with much care to keep their inhabitins safe. Eventually they got into a more well constructed area that she would still consider part of the slum but atleast these things had some safety precautions.

It became clearly obvious that he was aware of her tailing him as he bolted into an alley and checked to make sure there was no one there. She did have to admire his want to protect those around him, even if they were just civilians and he didn't know them. She didn't want this to draw out so she was gonna make this really damn quick.

She jumped down, pulling out her Kusarigama (The scythes) and swinging the heavy metal ball that was attached to the back of the scythe over her head. She whipped it out and wrapped it around his Katana as she pulled one way and then charged in, swinging the other Kusarigama at him with a frown.

(I actually did some research into her weapons as well, turns out that they have heavy metal balls with chains on them. The balls with chains are used to wrap around a sword or spear and tug it away while the person charged and slashed at them with the other)
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PostSubject: the journey   Mon Aug 01, 2011 3:55 am

The man only known as Samurai Jack wandered the desolate and barren dirt field. Storm winds picked up from the East, blowing the Samurai's kimono ruthlessly in the wind; his tied high top loosened with every strong force, the strands of hair hanging on the wind's flow. Thunder roared in the distance; to the North and beyond was a great mass of dark clouds. Thunder lit up the sea of angry storm clouds, making the sight all the more frightening.

Jack's eyes remained closed as he ventured through the dirt field, listening and feeling the forces of nature around them. He followed the course of the storm, knowing that where there was danger, Aku's minions were sure to be there. However, Jack could not deny that he was a frightening storm that was yonder; he was dark and menacing to the people of this future as Aku was. Jack didn't want to admit it, though it was nothing far from the truth; he tagged along trouble and danger with every step he took, sometimes--if not most of the time--leading the dangers in the path of innocents.

Unfortunately, there was no much the samurai could do aside from slicing down the enemies that attempted their assault on Jack. He could only apologize and hope that he would be forgiven in time for all the pain he's caused and continue his journey to search for Aku. Only by defeating Aku could all this misery be relieved from this time and he too could return home, where he belonged.

A loud crack of thunder stopped Samurai Jack in his tracks; his senses heightened when his subconscious caught on to the presence of others around him. He opened his eyes to take a cautious glance about his area, though he saw nothing; nevertheless, his hand went to his sword out of reflex. He held just beneath the hilt, his thumbnail pressing the bottom of the hilt, ready to release the sword from its sheath at any given time.

Jack turned his attention ahead of him and no more than 20 feet from him was a out of a place city; however, cities were popping up anywhere near an oil rig, water hole, or mine. Jack was sure the land was dead from the oil in the ground...which could only mean a factory made for building robots...and when there were factories of robots, Aku had his devilish fingers within them.

However, Jack did not stop for the fact and he continued into the city; he wandered the dirty and slummy streets. Homeless, sickly, and ill people laid among the sidewalks, begging for money, food, or a job. Jack's heart sympathized for them and he was sure there was a solution for this problem; his eyes glanced around to get a better look at the city he just entered, and he immediately saw the ads for the factory signs he predicted would be here.

Judging by the people, he could only assume that the employees of this factory were robots themselves or specific people that were chosen to work for the factory owner. Jack frowned at the situation and wanted nothing more than to help these people; however, the strange sense of being watched lingered over him again. It was not uncommon for Jack to be followed around, though the strength of the presence was very intimidating and especially with all these sick and ill people who may not be able to protect themselves.

Jack gripped tighter on his katana, moving casually further down the street; at the first alley he spotted, the samurai slipped in. As he made his way down, he checked behind the trash bins, under newspapers, and in boxes to see that there were no people who could get harmed in the fight. He moves to the end of the alleyway, turning so his back is pressed against the wall; his eyes glanced from the roofs to the fire escape to overhead and at the entrance, searching for whoever was seeking his blood.

[Private for Jackblades, hope this is a good start for you :D]
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PostSubject: Re: the journey   

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the journey
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