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Great roleplaying site =]
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Literary Dish ( My View of ARR ) A60b98de

Literary Dish ( My View of ARR ) Fefb5f07


 Literary Dish ( My View of ARR )

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Literary Dish ( My View of ARR ) Empty
PostSubject: Literary Dish ( My View of ARR )   Literary Dish ( My View of ARR ) EmptySun May 23, 2010 7:51 pm

Come on, come all, Welcome!
Here is the land of banquets shared just between all of us
You should just be silent,
You should just look down,
And hold out your arms as I hand you the silver knife and fork of requests
Leave your body to me as I'll give you a fine dish

Pour and fill to the brims your chalices of gold with my good wine that will dull your senses
With it a soft candlelight to calm your beating heart
Pile up servings 'til they overflow on your porcelain dishes of desire
At the tip of your pure silver knife, the well seasoned and nicely flambed story is dancing as you cut through the meat

Gnash and gnaw at the bone of stories made by others
Vomit and excrete the harsh flavor of carnal appetite of your replies once you're fulfilled
Your lips will likely become stained with pure blood of words

To start off with, sample with those eyes this beautiful literature
This euphoria that reaches from the epiglottis to the brain
Run your tongue all about, suck even at the marrow
For this act itself demonstrates the satisfaction in living and writing

Come now, let us begin the banquet of Plot
My beloved gourmands*
Prisoners of the art of making revolting things delectable
There is nothing in this world that we will not eat
Keeping our bodies and hearts in thrall
Like bees drowning to death
Inside our own honey hive

Bring out and offer up the beautiful plot line for us to feast
Revere and extol the king of poetry and writing
The sins of humanity do not exist in this place

Stir and knead the drops of poisonous thoughts and desire
Reject and throw aside the sterilized dining table of censorship
Instead, take in the truth at the bottom of the smell of rotting sexual desires you have for one another

Hidden beneath coral pink color of writing, the radiance of your skin
That knows not yet how to discern between sweet and sour
I place your enticing form before me
And now take pleasure just in lusting after your beautiful story you've given me
Yes, I'll take my time
One must have culture after all

Come now, let us begin the banquet of Stories
With our superior gastronomy**
With your tongue made rare by heredity and age
Examine this feast that defies all description
Today, too, we wander searching these forum topics
Like pitiable nobles
Starved for blood from a specific dish

Even should you age, still there is no decline
Though frivolous how dear to us are our cravings
Stuffing our mouths fully, exhausting ourselves by eating
This act itself demonstrates the ecstasy in living in Literature's Kitchen

Come now, let us begin the banquet of Literature
My chosen gourmands*
Prisoners of the art of making gluttony delectable
There is nothing in this world that we will not eat or create
Eat, drink, vomit, defecate
Cry, laugh, live, die
To the brink of the survival of the fittest within these topics
Only that is where this all will end

Please, should this body of mine ever reach its limit
Reap all you can of it
Into your stomachs, leaving nothing behind of my creative mind
Fill yourselves with my writing and poetry combined
Because you all know it yourselves

You Are What You Eat

Gourmands: A gourmand is a person who takes great pleasure in food
Gastronomy: Gastronomy is the study of the relationship between culture and food.

Sidenote: So, this is my view of ARR. We're pretty much eating one another's plots/RP's like plates that are served to us, we fill ourselves up until we cannot take anymore and then no longer post.
The maturity of this place can get pretty extreme at times, which is why I think censorship here is not held down and sexual rp's start out pretty easily. But maybe that's just my view of it, meh, each their own?
I don't think this forum differentiates between age/plot/skill/etc as long as you can give the other person a good story that they can respond to, so I kind of mentioned that up above but...

I have a sick view of this place, kill me now.
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Literary Dish ( My View of ARR )
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