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Great roleplaying site =]
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 Beneath My Hands

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PostSubject: Beneath My Hands   Beneath My Hands EmptyFri May 21, 2010 9:06 am

Fleeing to the corners of the four worlds they come,
Entrenched in the blood of the slain, with hands clean
And heads held high upon their fists,
Glory to the King.

Weightened with despair and loss I crumble
Beneath those dying eyes
In the middle of the darkest night where only daylight reigns
My loyalty betrayed.

And beneath her bloodstained gown the queen cries out
To the heavens where all the demons hear her
A cruel kiss of the night, poisoned blade
To forever seal her fate.

Sickened by the climb, he falls again
Looking up to the stars that have forever told this destiny
Showing no pain but forever feeling the deep loss of the tragic
Ending he must soon face and the judgement that resides within.

Will we ever be god enough to stand before a crumbling world
And shout our hearts and minds to the pillars of the wind
The eastern seas and western storms collide to create
The most beautiful cataclysm of events in all of unwritten history.

In my cell I sit contemplating the assassination.
The tyrant will bathe forever in his nation's blood, immortal as the human
Who has cursed him to this cruel punishment of light.
Glory to the King.

-To My Father
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Beneath My Hands
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