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Great roleplaying site =]
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PostSubject: Re: R.H.   R.H. EmptySun May 16, 2010 12:09 pm

R.H. Blendm10

Marian was shocked when the arrow came flying towards her, the aim was true. Gripping the arrow she tried pulling it from her arm 'damn...' she thought though it was not a very lady like thing to even think of she didn't really care. The injury hurt. Reaching for her dagger she kept hidded among her cloack Marian pulled it free and came from her hidding place pointing it at Robin's throat, she clearly was not in the mood for this.

Men would always be men she supposed as she moved closer to the man "I did not mean to intrud on you gentlemen..."came her soft response. "Though you are an excillent archer if I do say so myself..." she added trying not to purse her lips in frustration. Lowering the dagger slowly Marian gave a bow of her head in a respectful bow. Feeling hungry herself she allowed the priest to tend her wound since it hurt pretty badly "sneaking up on you is the least of your worries... for all you know I could be an enemy" to that there was a course of laughter and snorts causing a frown to appear on her lips "well just because you do not harm women does not mean we are incapable of becoming powerful enemies!"She snapped sucking in her breath as the friar pulled the arrow from her arm slowly and painfully she might add.

Her emerald orbs narrowed slightly before she turned away and let out a sigh. What else did she have to say? Absolutly nothing except "next time I'll give you fair warning I am approaching" it came out snidly but she didn't care not really. Though she admitted to herself he was rather goodlooking. Marian mentally shook her head 'stop it.. you're just taking a stroll getting away from that man John...' came her thought as her brows furrowed slightly giving her away immediatly.

If there was one thing about Marian, it was her expression usually gave her away except for the Sheriff of Nottingham whom she dispised with all her heart. Breathing through her nose she found it rather difficult to say anything, not even asking for a name. "What are you all doing here?" Marian found herself asking.

It was curious for her atleast there were nothing but men around no women what so ever.

(ooc: I could edit it but not today I'll be rather busy throughout the day sorry it was a little short like I said I can edit it for you if you want?)
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PostSubject: R.H.   R.H. EmptySat May 15, 2010 2:29 am

R.H. Tnbig_iwillnot

The morning mist hovered over the surface of the forest floor; the dawn's dew managed to cover most of the lush of the forest, small droplets of water resting on leaves, branches, and the forest floor. The sun was rising now, though with the thick forest canopy, the morning rays were unable to slip pass the forest trees. Morning had arrived for Robin and his fellow men, "a miracle from God" as Friar would say, and Robin would secretly agree with the priest. Robin Hood was an outlaw, named by the tyrant King John himself; knights and noblemen were after Robin's and his gang of thieves' heads. However, Robin never spoke of the fear of losing his head to his countrymen, though the fear always lingered in his mind, worried that during a silent night and the men were all asleep, their throats would cut open by travelers who spotted them. It was highly unlikely for any of the men from Robin Hood's gang to be killed in such a way, yet Robin had to remind himself that these good, fine men of his were only human.

During the night, the men took shifts to keep watch and spot for the other men; each man had a certain extent of time they would keep watch for oncoming travelers who may want their heads, or noblemen with knights - or knights themselves - and after their shift was over they would trade off to the next man. Robin always took the first shift of the night, staying close to the small crackling fire, sharpening the head of his arrows and his shifty eyes searching his surroundings for any movement. After a couple of hours, Robin would trade off with Little John and then he would rest; because of this schedule, Robin would always be the first man to wake at the morning's rise and always found that no man was on watch. This always bothered Robin and he scolded Friar - the last one to take shift - in the morning when Robin would find him asleep and happily dreaming.

This morning, Robin woke up before any man to find there was no one on shift - once more - and with an aggravated sigh, Robin crawled his way towards Friar and punched the man's arm, waking the priest up. The priest grumbled and coughed as he jolted up into a seated position, his hands immediately going for his club at his side. Robin's swift hands caught Friar's extending arm before the priest's hand could reach the weapon; Friar's eyes fell upon Robin and with a soft, relieved sigh, Friar relaxed and slowly laid himself back down. A few moments after Friar relaxed on to the forest floor, Robin gripped the priest's clothing and jerked him back up, a stern and irritated expression forming on the leader's face.

"Fallin' asleep again, I see," Robin muttered groggily to Friar, whose face twisted into regret. "Next time you do that, it'll be your last -" before Robin could even finish his sentence to Friar, something caught the archer's attention. He silenced himself and when Friar opened his mouth to speak, Robin clamped a hand over his friend's lips, silencing him as well. "Shh," Robin whispered to Friar before he slowly pulled himself away from the priest, crawling back towards the area he had fallen asleep and gathered his bow and arrows. Upon sight of this, Friar gathered his weapons as well and noiselessly moved towards the other men of their gang, gently shaking them to wake. Each man woke up promptly after being shaken by Friar and each man knew exactly what was stirring by the way Robin held an arrow alongside the bow, ready to take fire. The men managed to gather their weapons by their person without making a single sound; they all stood in ready to fight a battle, their eyes searching the forest through the morning mist for any signs of ambush or intrusion.

Before any of the other men could spot a single movement or silhouette of a figure, Robin raised his bow and arrow and took fire. Unsure to what Robin was firing at, the men drew their arms and raised their bow and arrow to the direction Robin had fired at. Within seconds, a deer had toppled out from the mist, already dead due to the arrow lodged in its head; Robin's men all relaxed to see that the intrusion Robin had heard was only a wandering meal.

"There's some good shootin'," Will Scarlet cried out, gathering attention from the gang.

Robin glanced over his shoulder towards Will, giving him a strict stare to silence him; Robin gently turned towards the east and snatched an arrow out of the quiver and took aim with the arrow. The men suddenly grew tensed again, their attention being drawn towards the east where Robin pointed his arrow. Rapidly, Robin spun towards the west and released the arrow from the bow; the men all turned towards the west when they witnessed from the corner of their eyes the arrow soaring towards the west. A woman's cry of pain erupted, having all of the men dropped their guards in shock; Robin pulled the bow on to his shoulder and he started towards the injured woman; before Robin could reach beyond the trees, a woman pulled out from behind an oak with a dagger in hand and pointing it at Robin's throat. Robin raised his hands above his head in surrender; he observed that the arrow had lodged itself in her right arm, going right through with the head poking out from the other side of the arm.

"I'm terribly sorry for taking a shot at you, miss, but you don't just sneak up on a man like that," Robin spoke up, his eyes glancing down at the dagger once before they had settled upon her eyes and remained upon her orbs.

"Hey, miss, can't you see that there are five of us against one you? I say its best you put down that dagger and surrender," Little John said, stepping up next to Robin Hood; at this motion, Robin felt it was safe to drop his arms to his sides. "None of us 'ere want to hurt you, hurtin' women isn't in our nature."

"Just lay down the weapon and let us take care of you; Mr. Friar here knows a thing or two about healin' wounds," Robin said, motioning with his hand towards the priest and turned around to face his men. "Will start another fire, and Allan, get the deer ready to be cooked, I'm stravin' over here."

[OOC: A random ramble about Robin Hood. I need a female, doesn't have to Marian but it can be. I prefer descriptive roleplayers, at least three paragraphs or so; this won't get mature and if it does, we'll switch it over to mature forum. No anime pictures, drawn are fine, no magic or elves - this isn't Lord of the Rings, it's Robin Hood. I don't know much about Robin Hood but I think I have quite a grasp on the story line. This doesn't have to be a romance; it could just be a tom-girl wanting to join Robin Hood's brigade of stealing from the rich and giving to the poor.]
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