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Great roleplaying site =]
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 Song for the Broken

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Song for the Broken Empty
PostSubject: Song for the Broken   Song for the Broken EmptyFri Feb 19, 2010 3:53 pm

A broken past, a broken smile...
Her eyes are always focused on the tile.
Head down, arms crossed...
She walks as if though she were lost.
Hidden thoughts, secret fears...
She has cried so many unseen tears.
No one knows or seems to care...
Does it even matter that she's scarred?
Scarred from love, scarred from life...
Solitude cuts at her like a jagged knife.
Doesn't want to go, afraid to stay...
She's always waiting for something to ruin her day.
Trying to ignore, trying to hide...
She hides all of her emotions inside.
It's all a lie, it can't be real...
She wishes she couldn't feel.
A sweet touch, a soft sigh...
She prays that this isn't all a lie.
Watching him, wanting to be there...
She want's somebody to love her, for somebody to care.
Sitting there, body shaking...
She can feel herself quickly breaking.
A lost soul, a nervous wreck...
She feels the fingers around her neck.
Fake her smiles, hide it all...
People throw her away like an old rag doll.
Doesn't ask questions, just wonders why....
She's too scared to say what makes her cry.
Can only wait, wait for the pain to reside...
Too timid to say what makes her die inside.
Too scared to talk, too timid to hate...
All she can really do is wait.
Wait for the lights to fade, to show her a sign...
Waits for the dream to end and the nightmares begin.
I try to run from the girl, try not to see...
But every time I look in the mirror I see, she is me.
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Song for the Broken
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