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Great roleplaying site =]
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~ Only You ~ A60b98de

~ Only You ~ Fefb5f07


 ~ Only You ~

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PostSubject: Re: ~ Only You ~   ~ Only You ~ EmptyFri Jan 02, 2009 4:55 am

Soon! We shall be one! Just like in your dream~

XD Kidding kidding.
But the poem is very breathtaking. <3
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PostSubject: ~ Only You ~   ~ Only You ~ EmptyFri Jan 02, 2009 4:26 am

~ Only You ~ Prueba_by_haine11

I’m always dreaming through the wounds of the past
My heart keeps breaking when thoughts of you cross my mind
I only hope one day we will be together again
Although the pain grows with every passing day
I can go on living with today’s strength
Of looking forward to tomorrow
And to know you’re out there smiling

I feel as though I can go on without your love
But whenever you’re near my feelings for you
Come rushing back to me and my heart is torn again
I die every time I think of how you don’t love me
Yet inside I know I’ll never fall out of love with you
All the emptiness disappears when I dream of us

With every passing second
I feel we are becoming one
I can’t tell what you’re feeling inside
But from all the chaos we’ve dealt with
I know our fate is to cross paths once more someday
Even though you’ve hurt me more then you’ll ever know
I’ll always love you because I don’t know how to let you go

And so these days grow longer without you at my side
And the truth will be known when I look into your eyes
Until that day comes I’ll keep dreaming of you and me
If we’re not together in the future
Just knowing your happy will let my wounds heal
Though I may not be the one that makes you happy
I can go on living with today’s strength
Of looking forward to tomorrow
And to know you’re out there smiling

As life is slowly ever changing I am too
But forever my true love is Only You
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~ Only You ~
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