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Great roleplaying site =]
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PostSubject: Re: Dancing with Blades(Emperor)   Dancing with Blades(Emperor) EmptySat Jan 10, 2009 11:56 am

At first, Sora didn't know what to say or do. This was unexpected. Especially the fact that he came all the way from the Saber's travern to hand her back money. With confusion, Sora simply took the coin and then felt her eyes grow with his words. At that moment Sora realized that he was also a Saber, but mainly, a wanderer. Sora then said, "Thanks...". After that, she examined him closer.
He didn't look like the other wonderers she had seen pass Tatelin before, but he definatly had a pressence of knowledge. But his clothing was definatly different from her peoples. She guessed it was that that really gave him away. After all, most of the Male Sabers Sora had met have always worn some kind of armor with thier own little touch. He was different in that catogory. For him, he was just sporting something more casual and classy. So, not knowing what esle to say, Sora just asked, "You're not from around here are you?"
Suddenly, before he had time to answer, there was a sudden boom, followed by the sound of frantic screams. Sora ducked her shoulders at the sound of cement breaking, she then turned around to see where that sound came from. The building that had been destroyed was visible on the far end of this street. By now, the streets were starting to empty from its frantic Tatelin citizens and traders. In no time, Sora and the stranger were the only ones on the once busy street. However, Sora didn't have time to worry over that, for the next thing that happened made her fully alert. As Sora's right arm began to glow blue her icy flames, the bellow of a creature echoed through the streets. Suddenly, with loud thud that made the ground around the street rattle, a huge clawed arm appeared half way from were Sora was standing. Sora's eyes flickered from the gaint arm to what it was connected to.
"What the hell..?" she hissed at the sight of a gaint red Kara fox. The red fox turned its attention to the two and angrily showed its large fangs. With no trouble, the fox tore the already destroyed building from before straight off the ground, flunging it off into another building near by. A small queak rattled the ground by this. However, Sora kept her eyes on the fox. By now, her entire right arm was covered in flames. Soon, the blaze grow more that it illuminated her face with its rays. "Es lea Nele Come stranz..." she chanted softly to herself over the cry of the Kara fox, who by now was getting ready to pounce the two.
With one swift twitch of her right wrist, a light blue began to take shape in her hand and, in seconds, her long soul blade appeared again into the world.
Like a violent animal that it was, the fox ran foward before jumping in the air and getting ready to destroy the two Sabers. Sora braced herself as she placed her sword back slightly. No matter what, she wasn't going to let this thing beat her. It just wasn't in her nature to lose....

Not far from the destructive sight, rested a young white haired male with a smirk of pleasure over his expression. He was tall and had a small built. On his left arm was a long point tattoo with a large v in the center."Well well, look what were have here? A cute Saber and a wanderer? Hmph. Seems like this will be an intresting fight..." said the young man with a creamy voice. He crossed his arms over his chest as he watched his fox toy lundge into the air, ready to eliminate the threats. The man frowned slightly at how easy this was. He was hoping that a toy wouldn't be the only thing that could take these Sabers down. Oh well, thought the male with a shrug. At least now, he had two less Sabers to worry about...

(sorry it took so long! I know its not that long, sorry!>.< just really wanted to start fighting... Anyways, enjoy!^^)
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PostSubject: Re: Dancing with Blades(Emperor)   Dancing with Blades(Emperor) EmptyThu Jan 01, 2009 9:50 am

Dancing with Blades(Emperor) The_Sword-1

Same old things just continued to happen. Nothing special going on, nothing new to report to the keepers of life. Whoever they were...
Wait, what was he even thinking about?
Shaking his head loose of those odd throughts, the dark-haired male gave a prolonged sigh of irritation.
What did it mean to be different in this day of age? Not much, to be sure. People stared, being gazed. Pople awed and people booed. It was the same wherever he went and he was absolutely sick of it.
The orange hue of the glowing sun formed just above the horizon, painting a portrait of the day to come soon.
Though, the male usually enjoyed such a view, he was distracted with thoughts on what he should do tomorrow instead. He had been wandering for quite some time now, and to change things up a little... It might be a good decision.
But thoughts of the next day were suddenly interrupted by a yell from the nearby building. Unknowingly, the male had wandered into a small town. Quite wealthy by the looks of it, though that was at first glance. Really, not paying attention definantly helped. Where was this place anyway? And why were the streets so busy? this must be the market of the town, from the looks of things. Stalls, old wives looking for a good deal on produce. Bah, a wasted effort of analysis on his part.
Flicking his wrist outward, his hand slipping out of the sleeve entirely in order to bend around his back and dig deep into his little bag, he pulled a decorated bottle from within. Popping off the cork he turned it up and took down a heavy gulp of the fine-tasting liquid. A gentle frown coming across his features in the process. Whatever it was he had just drunk, it certainly took an effect on him right away.
The sweet tasteing liquid slipped down his throat with ease and he gave a pleasant sigh right after, happy he did so. Thank god for his drink, otherwise this life would be a non-stop bore.

Turning his attention once mroe to the building, which looked much like a tavern, he moved to enter. Only to overhear a conversation within using the terms 'Kara' and 'War'. He stopped adruptly, placing his head close to the door to hear things a little clearer. According to these individuals, another war might break out. And something about the king... Putting two and two together, the male ocncluded that Sabers were being asked to figh Karas. Or so he assumed. Pity that. They might force him to do the actua job this time. His knack for escape wouldnt help him pass by the guards if every last one of them was searching for him.
What a crappy day.

The sounds of movement within the tavern stirred his mind, getting the impression that he needed to move on or else look a little... Suspicious?
Though, dressed as he was, it was hard not to look at him oddly. Fine silk decorating each article of clotheing to the perfection. And his shiny sword slung over his belt. He was definantly hard to miss.
Noticing a female move from within the tavern and out into the fray, the male decided to approach her. Telling instantly she was 'family', guessing from the stance she held. She knew how to fight, so he could only assume...

Fighting through the various crowds, the male came to a sudden overbalance right behind her, uncontrollably using her shoulder for a lever. Making it seem as though he merely wanted to grab her attention.
'You... Left this as you walked out of the tavern." cursing himself inwardly as he reached into his pocket and pulled a shiny gold piece. Easilly worth a week's vacation. Unfortunately, that was the only thing he pulled out.
Handing it to her without hesitation, he proceeded to take a good look at her facial features, mainly her eyes.
" You have the look of wonder about you. Hope that doesnt get you into too much trouble." he gave a quick shrug of the shoulders.
Luckilly for him, now that he was close enough to look at her clearly, he knew she was a Saber. It was all in the eyes. Or so he told.

[Sorry it's a bit odd.. Didnt really know what to write.]
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PostSubject: Dancing with Blades(Emperor)   Dancing with Blades(Emperor) EmptyTue Dec 30, 2008 6:37 pm

Dancing with Blades(Emperor) Girl11

Dancing with Blades

"Hey! Get back here you little brat!" shouted an outraged man with a long knife in one hand while huffing for breath as he chased a young girl around the crowded streets of one of Leon's cities on the east side. Its name was Tatelin, a city that Sora Ninia detested with much passion and frustration. However, as she dodged some on going travelers and citizens of the market city, her mind was far off on another worry. She turned her head slightly to see that the angry man from before was still on her case, and by the look of it, he wasn't too far. At this, Sora grunted as she rushed a step faster then before and lunched herself through the thick crowds of Tatelin. She turned the next corner, rushing off into the alleys and was soon on the main alley were the poor and the homeless rested. However, as fast as she was going, she still could hear the distinct footsteps of her chaser. "Damn it..." hissed the girl under her breath as she saw that up ahead was a dead end. Suddenly, she stopped in her trackes, unable to move any farther and was soon face to face with the tall husky man. A wicked grin escaped the man's face and Sora instincly stepped back slightly, her bright gold brown orbs fixed on his every move. In her head, she was thinking and pondering over what to do now. No doubt this guy wouldn't settle for the money back. No, he didn't seem that type to Sora. The evil look in his eye confirmed her theory. She let a short breath out as he spoke,"Well well, you actually thought that you could get away from me, you little bitch?". Sora froze before giving him a small half smile. "Actually, yeah. I did," answered the young girl as she let her right arm bend back slowly. She then, casually placed her feet far appart from each other while the man laughed. Suddenly, he stopped adruptly and charged after her with a cry of anger. Sora winced softly before whispering, "Now!". With in seconds, Sora's right arm began to blaze with blue flames, and out of no where, a long articulate sword appeared before her blazing hand. Shortly after that, the man realized with horror what Sora really was and stopped dead in his tracks. "Y-You're.....a...Saber!" accused the man before stepping back quick. By now, Sora's right hand was back to normal, the long silver blue sword still in her grasp. She smirked and rested the weapon on her right shoulder. "That's right. I'm Sora Ninia, the Saber of Tatelin," introduced the girl before placing the sword infront of herself, pointing it directly at the man. With shock and fear, the man quivered and shook violently. The knife in his hand swayed right to left with the twitches of his hand. That small peice of metal was no comparison to Sora's soul blade. A wickedly grin spread ear to ear on Sora before steping one step to the right and then lanching forward at the screaming man.

"Ah! That was sooo yummy!" beamed Sora as she walked along Tatelin's gravel main roads. On one side, the land flourished with plant life and greenary. On the other, the city of Tatelin's businesses and building were booming. To Sora, it was a big dramatic switch of the lands, but something that over the years, you began to accept. Besides, the foresty part of Tatelin was the only thing Sora loved. Other then its sweet food and goods. However, as the days grew and grew farther apart, Sora was beginning to yearn for so much more. To explore the boundaries outside of Tatelin and to actually have challenges to fight. But, being a theif and a wild Saber, life for exploration was hard to optain. Even for a determined and strangely risky girl like Sora Ninia. Still, even as she looked out at the large orange sphere that was getting ready to dip into Leon's horizon, a flicker of hope to cross past it sparked wildly inside of Sora. That maybe, with the right resources and skills as a Saber, she might actually have chance to taste a life outside of Tatelin. But, as Sora saw the sun slowly sink, realization slapped her hard. The chances of getting out were slim. Still, it was worth at shot, and with this in mind, Sora headed back to the crowded streets of Tatelin's downtown to brush up on some more tips and gigs. Who knows, maybe the chance of her life time would approch her...

Shock and confusion. Suprise and anger. These were the very things that rushed in the room full of traveling and Tatelin's own Sabers at the news of the call ups from the king. For some odd reason, the king and issued that every Saber in Leon was due to report at the great castle of Leon's capital, Duffinia. No specifics were given and those Sabers that did not go would be considered a traitors of the crown. Thus, being hunted down and hung by the marshalls. In the small bar that Sora rested, each Saber was confused and outraged. "What the hell is that king thinking? What's the meaning of this foolish act?" asked one heavy set male across the bar counter from Sora. Another asked, "Does this mean there will be another war with the Karas?". At this, whispered and hisses swarmed around. Sora, who was confused, simply siped on her drink and thought carefully at what had been issued. To Sora, this whole thing just seemed like a plot against remaining Sabers in Leon to wipe out. After all, the last war nearly did. It was a suprise that there was even a small handful left. The war of Leonal was the greatest devistation that had ever hit the magical world. Even though it had happened centuries ago, the affect and inpacked was still fresh on those Sabers that remained. "If it is another war, there's no way we'll survive..." muttered Sora to herself as she twirled the water in her glass with her finger above. Slowly, the liquid began to freeze. "Hey, not here, Sora!" warned the Bartender as he removed the glass from her grasp. "I already have enough glasses to replace..." he muttered. Sora shrugged and dugg into her skort's pocket for change. "Thanks for the drink," said Sora before placing the money on the counter and standing up. She then started to head out. The air was starting to get too stuffy for her from all the frustration of her fellow Sabers. In no time, she was out in the hot summer night time of Tatelin. By now, the street life of the narrow markets on the street were blossoming and busy with people. Everyone that was looking to scam, or to unexpectedly get scammed was out and about. Sora passed to the crowd with no trouble. All the time she had lived in Tatelin, she was well customed to shifting and turning to get from point A to point B. To her, it was something unavoidable like the weather. So, as she continued on and began to head for the map cart not far from where she stude, a small tap was felt on Sora's shoulder and she turned to see who or what it was. Instantly, from the tattoo visible on the male facing her, Sora could tell he was a Saber. Her tattoo was on her right arm's upper side. A place that no one really saw, but all Sabers could tell humans from Karas and Sabers. It was just something that was so easy to detect. However, her mind quickly took cautious and asked softly, "Can I help you?" .

(mmkay, here it is Emperor! Hope you Enjoy!! Let me know if you have any questions)
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