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Great roleplaying site =]
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PostSubject: Revenge   Revenge EmptyThu Aug 13, 2009 1:20 pm

Fury in my eyes
Comrades at my side
We'll escape death and become immortalized
Weary is the body, Energized is the mind
I've had it with this game, this competition of ours
Some days end in victory, others in strife
Strategy makes no difference in this puzzle called life.
Each night we prepare, each day we attack
on some old second-grade shit: "I'mma get you back!"
Retaliate! Strike back! Attack and Recieve!
I'll be declared the victor or beg on my knees
Somehow I know that one day my resolve'll snap, my bones'll bend,
And I'll be the one defeated in the end.
But I still battle, I still fight,
For a day of peace, or a calm night
my opponent pummels me, a neverending assault on my core.
Now my hands are bleeding and my muscles are sore.
Today with determination in my soul and fury in my eyes
I lift my head, struggle to rise
against the taste of dirt, the stench of grime
My comrades are few, but at least they're alive
with barbaric screams we dive
into this massive enemy, this overwhelming source
reckless souls against an unstoppable force
focused on one thing: a singleminded purpose,
with our minds torn and our bodies singed
our mouths expectant for the taste of revenge
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