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Great roleplaying site =]
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PostSubject: Invisiblity?   Invisiblity? EmptyMon Aug 03, 2009 2:18 pm

Standing in a mist of emptiness

He can't recall how it happened
But the aftermath was as clear as the morning sky
Next to him, was her
Bathing in crimison red water
"Breathe" He whispered
Yet she did not respond
With her eyes rolled back
And no reaction at all
He knew what state she is in
The one where they won't come back again
He looks down at his quivering hands
He lost control, unable to brake in time
The truck
The drunk driver
Forcing them to change directions too soon
Where they flew off the high roads
Tumbling and spinning, not a joy ride
Their screams shaking inside the car
As when they reached the bottom
The glass shattered, piercing them
The car crushing them between the seat and dashboard
He looked at her, unconcious and soaked
As his legs, unable to move, tried to escape the wreck
"I'm sorry." He whispered to her as her head rolled
Lazily to the side, revealing glass touching her neck
He can't hold back, the image to intense
Vomit rising in his throat, his once beloved now gone
Trying to revive her, trying to save, the smell of gas
Was in the air, and it was obvious
It was going to explode

Hating himself for leaving her body behind after escaping
He swore to find the driver and hurt him
The image of her geuine loving smile
Black natural wavy hair and
Perfect lullabye of a voice
He won't ever hear nor see again
Now in the mist of emptiness
The wind suddenly picks up
It's soft, the smell of blueberries
He closes his eyes and can't help
It's her
Her soul surrounding his body with her wonderful fragrance
She might be invisible, but not gone
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