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Great roleplaying site =]
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 Poetry Curse Mystery

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PostSubject: Poetry Curse Mystery   Poetry Curse Mystery EmptyWed Jun 17, 2009 6:53 am

I Know of a Girl Who Sat On My Bed;
Her Smile so Radiant; Her Youth Left Divine
She Is the Symbol of Innocence; A Praise Is Not Enough
We sat on the Bed together, We gaze into Each Other's Eyes
She Started to Speak, Her Voice Flow Mellifluously
The Room Emptied With Just Here; The Existence Seem To Left With Just Us;
That One Night ignored, Time seem to Stop A While,
I Listened to Her Words, They Coat Lovelier Each Time
Her Voice Made My Heart skip a Beat, The Night Glowed For Her
No Moon Forgotten When She's Around, No Stars Twinkle Without Her
I held Her Hand, She held Mine, She Giggled saying She is Exultant
I Gripped Her Hand, Softer But Firm, In Silence I Wish She Won't Go Away
Her Smile was some Assurance, I Never Stop Wishing She Just Stay
Her Touch Made Me Feel In Breeze, Her Skin Delicate Like Silk
We Sat Side by Side, I Only Feel Happiness With Her
Her Smile so Genuine, I Know She Thinks So Too
Her Beauty Stays, Everlasting, Her Soul so Pure - I Feel it Pierce Deep in Mine
We stayed side by side, Hand in Hand, Then We Embrace Each Other
She Feel Protected, I Feel Complete

By the Time We continued Aging, We continued to Experience Life even More;
She wanted Me to read her a Story; She had a collection of her Dearly Ones
So Axiomatic Her Personality is To Me; For Life Grant Me A Gift Such As Her
She had a Childish Personality, Indeed Adorable as That Can't Be Denied
I Dare not Refuse Her Request, For She Put up That Smile, Enough To Make Me Grant Her Wish
She Sat Beside Me as I Started Reading
It was a Fairy Tale written with Joy, Trial of Catastrophe Fail To Make the Story Falter
She Sat there Eager, I Continued With Please, The Story then Took a Good Ending
There Live Happily Ever After; Cinderella and The Prince
Time Quickens but It Sensed a Contentment of the Ticking Slow Time
I Spent The Gleeful Hours with Her, She Stayed Right at My Side
We Gazed Into Our Eyes, So Deep Indeed, Her Hues Sparkle
"Will You Be Just My Prince?" There She Spoke, Her Hues Intensified
The Atmosphere Seized Silence, The Surprise Mingled With Awe
It Took Just a Foolish Minute to Recover, Register Her Sweet Words
Is that It? Is this It?
All This Years Meant Something Gold, All This Years With Patience and Effort From the Heart
The Smile Formed on My face, I Embraced Her Close Like She Is Eternally Mine
"Of Course I Will, Princess" The Whisper Flow Into Her Ear
I Don't Wish to Sleep The Next Day To Know This Moment Is Blur and will Fade

The Morning I Woke Up, I Had that Tired Smile, But My Mind Clear
I Remember The Fragments of Yesterday, Wish Today Stay That Way
But the Morning The Future Had Taken Into My Present Sight;
She Was Lost In My Arms, I Feel Her Presence No Where
It Was Expected By Nature of True Love, I Was Worried
Worried More than Life, Worried more than Death
I Continued Searching Her, Everywhere Everywhere
My Physical Strength Threaten to Slowly Die; But My Will Grow Stronger
As I Stumbled Upon The Room, I Once Remembered Not a Soul Step Foot
The Once Abandoned and Unwelcome Room Had A Ray of Light
I Was Curious or Relief; I Know I am Confused
As I pushed the Doors Open, The Light Burst Away, I See the Room To Its Bland Surroundings
But My Hues Stared Down, To My Surprise I Saw The Book
Spread with Pages Fly, I Knelt Down
I Reached Out to Pick Up the Book, Only Ambushed by the Blind Burst of Light
The Room began to be Erased by Ivory, Everything Became Too Bright
But As the Light Died Away Again, The Book Remained at Its Place
I Look Up To See The Bed We Once Sat and Laid On There;
To My Utmost Disbelief; I See Her there
She Wasn't the Present Anymore, She was The Past
Sleeping Like Death Had Took Her Away

[Inspired by a song xD Gonna make an rp out of this actually. Whee!]
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Poetry Curse Mystery
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