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Great roleplaying site =]
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You Still Remain as a Broken Soul;; A60b98de

You Still Remain as a Broken Soul;; Fefb5f07


 You Still Remain as a Broken Soul;;

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You Still Remain as a Broken Soul;; Empty
PostSubject: You Still Remain as a Broken Soul;;   You Still Remain as a Broken Soul;; EmptyWed Jun 17, 2009 5:31 am

You were some sort of Illusion; Is that it?
You have become some incredulous sight; Why is that?
Looking into the reflection of Our Past; What was left there?
You break this mirror, You bleed, You're Apathetic
Whats Wrong? Were You too Scared?
Whats Wrong? Did You just realized you were some Monster?
Your Darkest Fears Is only a Facade; Your Words Sugar-Coat with Vulnerability
Break Another Mirror, See Another Liar; Only Transfixed upon Yourself
Was that it? You were too afraid?
So are you now then, Drawing Back in Your Shadows
You're afraid in the Present; Because Your Past Never Change
Well Go ahead, Try to Blame Someone
Break Your Mirror Again, Stare In Your Reflection
Tell Yourself 'That Is Me'
Look Back to the Shatter Bits, It still Catches Your Eyes
Your Hues that Speak of Lies and Absolute Deceive
Look Back to Your Bleeding Hand; No, Not just One Hand
Make That Two, Double Your Conscience
Make That More, Observe Your Regret and Your Guilt
Look Back To Your Broken Mirror, The Reflection Will Remain There No Matter What
Look Back To Your Bleeding Hands, The Thickening Blood As Your Bitter Truth
Even Hiding Doesn't Work, Even Telling Lies Doesn't Work
Let Your Blood Drip Freshly on the Ground
In The Past, Someone Had Wiped That Blood Away For You - Yeah Thats Just It
Now Nobody Will Wipe it Away
Your Blood Is Yours; So Are Your Sins; So is Your Guilt
Don't Call Yourself Weak in Heart but Strong in Awakening;
Because You still Remain as A Broken Soul;;
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You Still Remain as a Broken Soul;;
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