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Great roleplaying site =]
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 ( Embrace Your[My] Hell )

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PostSubject: ( Embrace Your[My] Hell )   ( Embrace Your[My] Hell ) EmptyTue Jun 16, 2009 7:41 pm

And as the moon makes it through this madness...
There, standing alone at the Street Corner
I'm Still There.

I feel her breath, coming from the shadows...
These Streets, almost alive...
Shouting at Me, Accusing Me.

In this city hungry for the lonely...
Hurt, innocent soul...
Forbidden life taken in a moment...
Your Life, too late for saving...
And all these words haunt me back to my home:

I'm Worried
( I'm forgetting - it's blurring -....)
[ Just Die ]

Talk To Me
(Without leaving a trace - I can feel It fading -...)
[ You're So Annoying ]

Why, are you making a choice?!
(Why, do you have no choice?)
[Why Did You Make that Choice?!]

Can I trust who you say that you are?
(And who I am now... )
[And who am I now...?]

I need to know...
I need to know...!
I need to know...!!!!

In my mind, places keep returning...
I still see her smile.
And the dark fear that I am feeling...
Dies once in a while...

Now It's Too Late,
Too Late For Me
The Death in Me will Eventually Take Me

Too late for me...

This Suicidal Feeling Will Win

( I'm sorry...please...)
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( Embrace Your[My] Hell )
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