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Great roleplaying site =]
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A few short poems... Fefb5f07


 A few short poems...

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A few short poems... Empty
PostSubject: A few short poems...   A few short poems... EmptyWed Dec 17, 2008 4:12 pm

what do you call this?

heat and a passion don't come close to what i feel when i look into those lovely pools.

I twirl my hair in a nervous fashion to fight down what i want to say.

yet i hope you'll notice just so you'll stare if even just for a moment.

say anything please i gently ask with my mind. A smile, a laugh from you is the sweetest music.

can i be anymore clear without saying it.

I...I...I want this to be simple.

Center piece

On a table i lay to bring everything together.

to bring semetry to the room

But in esscence my only use is taking up space

I have no basic use and am there for decoration

people awe at me but why no purpose do i serve no one do i help.

so if my job is to bring things together if i don't

i fail, fail at doing nothing the only thing i had to do.

the most unimportant piece in any situation


Remember the day

I’m sitting in class just drifting away
Thoughts through my head just floating away

I think about you, I think of that day

I sat at my pc o what a hot day
Turn on my pc and start typing away

A friend of mine and me start talking away
Before to long passes I ask of her day

She tells me there’s a boy she likes I’m saddened in a way
Cause I could never tell her no I could never say

What I wanted to tell her o how I liked her so
O how I wish I could tell her but she’d never know

She tells me the story that she picks up a book
And his and was in it and that she took

She took it as a sign maybe she should say to the boy that she liked She liked him that day
I tried to change the subject a different

I have to admit I wasn’t much of a friend
Soon you began to type once again

You told me you had to type something very long

I just sat and I wondered what could it be
Words finally came up I couldn’t wait to see
I just had to read right away what you wanted to tell me as I read it couldn’t be true

I couldn’t believe the words that I read
I was almost certain had to be in bed

Lost in a dream I just had to be
This couldn’t be real it just couldn’t be
But I noticed I wasn’t dream it is was reality
So I blushed and I said you sure you wanted be with me

You said yes
And I was able to type I-I like you too I guess

It was stupid to say but I didn’t know how to reply
The breathe taking word had frozen me in time

I felt dumb and slow
You’ll never know

But since then we’ve been together
And I can’t think of anything better

But I’m really happy that I found you
I love the way that your just you
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A few short poems...
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