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Great roleplaying site =]
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PostSubject: Remember;;   Remember;; EmptySun Jun 14, 2009 8:48 am

You were once I thought You were
When there isn't such thing as negativity and catastrophe
It was those times when You were my present
Those were the Times I knew there's a Light in Life
You speak of Such Kindness, You speak of Such Adoration
You treated Me like Someone You could Trust, Someone You care So dear
As from Day One we Had been Acquainted, The Months Slow By
And the Years Had taken Evidence; Our Friendship Meant Gold
We spent the Hours Enjoying Each Other's Accompaniment
The Tears I Shed, Those Tears were the tears I did Not Want The World to See;
Yet You were There, You Touched Right through My Facade; Telling Me Its Okay
That You were there, You mentioned Forever
I trusted Your Wisdom, I Praised Your Intelligence; You Showed Me What Seemed Like The Best Mentality I could have;
We Argued and We Bickered, But It was Like Those Bitter Days only Reminded Us That No Matter What; We Stuck by Each Other's Side
A Year Of Sweet Memories; A Year of My Only Faithfulness To You
I Understood Your Whole Being, And You Understood Mine
It was As Though You Were More Than Just Someone I call A 'Friend'
And From That Day On, I Believed Reality Wasn't So Bad
And From That Day On, I See You as My Forever
And From That Day On, I Sacrificed My Near All
And From That Day On, I Promised My Clock Of Life Stays With You
It was a Whole Year of Promises and Loyalty

But I had committed a Crime, I Accidentally Broke Your Trust
I Shared To Someone What Our Bond was Like;
Things Got Much Bitter; Things Got Much Worse
You Told Me It Wouldn't Be Easy to Forgive Me For A While
And So I did all I could to make You forgive Me;
Even if it meant to fall on my knees, To push aside my whole world
Even if it meant a stab to my Heart, To know I was hurt as well
But then I was told of the worst of You; You weren't Genuine to Accept Me Again
You Showed Your True Colors; Just a Snap You Changed
Just a Moment You Forget; Who I Was
Just a Moment You Burried The Memories We Shared
Just a Moment You Threw Me Away like I Was Nothing
Just a Moment Did Not Let Your Conscience Speak;
Just a Moment You Blamed Me For All
When In The Very Beginning, You Think You Were The Victim
But at the Very Beginning, The Truth Was There; You Thought You Could Win It All
You Mentioned of Only My Betrayal But You Did Not Mention Yours;
You Thought You Were Some Angel, But I and All Knew You Were A Devil in Disguise
You Did Not Think For Once that You Made Worse Mistakes
And I Remembered All I Did For You, All I thought I was to You
In The End You Threw Me Away, And You Evade From Your Crimes;
I had Admitted My Faults; But You thought You were Right All the Way;
Even though this bitter Heart, this Bitter Mind
Remember My Faithfulness for You, My Love For You
But I will Pray You will Remember That Life Doesn't Revolve Around You Alone;
That Life means So much More than Just What You Are, What You Believe
You Were What I Believe My only Best Friend
But Now Whats Past Graved In The Past; I know I am Entirely Not a Victim
Even I Am Sorry For What I Have Done, Even When I Have Tried To Fix It All
Just Remember Who I was To You
Just See All The Precious Things I've Made For You, Just Remember Those Times I Spent For You
Just Look Back To Those Times;
You Were Once My Best Friend

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