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Great roleplaying site =]
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 Party of Interesting Faces

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PostSubject: Re: Party of Interesting Faces   Party of Interesting Faces EmptyTue Sep 21, 2010 7:45 pm

Hello I wish to be polite and ask, I may join?
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PostSubject: Party of Interesting Faces   Party of Interesting Faces EmptySat Jun 06, 2009 2:10 am

Party of Interesting Faces Lonely10

"Althea...Wake up dear." A middle aged woman called. Soft blue eyes opened slowly as a young woman sat up and looked to the doorway of her room. "Yes mother I'll be up in a bit." Althea said and smiled slightly as she rubbed her eyes. Her mother smiled back and walked out of the room. Althea yawned and stretched some as she stood up and got dressed into a powder blue toga with her good leather sandals. She brushed her light brown hair and fixed herself up so that she looked presentable.

Leaving her room, Althea walked down a few halls and nodded to a few of the servants that passed by. They had a respect for her that was unusual but it was only because her heritage was the same as theirs, foreign, barbarian. She was not born of the nation that she was brought up in as her parents had adopted her which was very unusual because they were the rulers. Althea loved her parents and respected the nation that she had been brought up in but she did not like the way people looked at her despite her status. She was a human just like them yet...she wasn't of their blood and so they scorned her. Althea's parents knew this and tried their hardest to help but they could not change what a nation had been brought to think: Foreigners were barbarians and had a status lower than them.

Althea entered into a large room with ornate designs and large pillars, her mother and father standing, talking in the middle. "Good morning Mother, Father." She said with a smile on her face. They both nodded their heads and beckoned her over. "As you know we are having another feast today and your mother and I have found another gentleman for you to look at...Maybe he will be good for you this time." Her father said with a sad smile on his face. He knew that the reason his daughter always came back with bad news about the men they chose for her was because they knew what she was. She had pale skin from the northern barbarian villages and the blood of his people did not run through her veins. He placed a gentle hand on her shoulder when he sighed. "Promise me you will at least try my daughter." He asked gently and gave her a smile. "I promise father." Althea said and gave him small smile in response. "Perfect and you may do as you wish until the sun passes the center of the sky." He said and turned to walk away as he was beckoned by one of his advisers. "Go do what you must." Her mother said and smiled as she went off with some of her ladies.

Althea decided to go for a walk as it was a bright day out and the breeze brought the smell of the ocean all the way to wear her parents land was. She walked through vineyards and small forest, she even passed the small lake that was towards the end of her parents land. A smile was on her face as she enjoyed the scenery and time to herself. She enjoyed being by herself but longed for the companionship other than her parents and the servants. She knew who and what she was and she wished people would accept her. She was brought up with their nations customs and she followed every one of them. She acted and did as they did but all that mattered to them was the blood that ran through her veins. Althea sighed as she looked up towards the sky and knew that it was time to head back too the house.

As she walked into the house her parents greeted her once more. Her father kissed her on the forehead and wished her luck as he had to go and begin greeting the early guests. Althea's mother stayed behind and smiled at her daughter. "I have a good feeling about tonight. This boy seems like he will be a good match." She told her. "Just because it is a good match does not mean that it will work out mother." Althea said in doubt but gave her mother a reassuring smile. "But do not worry for I shall try my hardest." Her mother held a grateful smile and then held out an item for her daughter to see. "I have this to give you for luck." She said as she placed a golden chain with stones that matched the color of Althea's dress on her head. "I had this when I was your age. My mother gave it to me when I was introduced to your father." She told Althea as she began braiding the trinket in to her hair. When she was done she turned Althea to face her and smiled. "It suits you. Now go my dear it is time for the party to start. You may do as you wish until your father and I call you over." "Thank you mother." Althea said and watched her mother walk away.

A few hours later, Althea had mingled with a few people who had pretended to enjoy her company and then had to go and talk to some other person at their own convenience. Althea had decided to sit down on one of the many piled of cushions that were throughout the crowded room. She absentmindedly played with part of the trinket that her mother had given her that was dangling in front of her forehead. The headpiece was beautiful and sparkled in the fire light. Almost everyone that had seen it had complemented her on it with honesty in their voices. Althea was beginning to drift into a slight dose when she noticed her mother beckoning her from across the room. She made her way across and met with her mother. "Now then. I am going to take you to your father and the boys father will introduce him. He is of a prominent family so please be respectful." "Aren't I always?" Althea said with a smile on her face as she was brought to her father. Her mother slipped away with a smooth motion and her father beamed. "Now then Althea, this is the young man I was telling you about." He said and Althea smiled to the boy. "It is a pleasure to meet you..." She said and gave a small bowed curtsy.

((I would like someone to play the boy that she meets. He should be tough and not want to be around her at first because he knows about the differences in blood that she has. I don't wish him to be spoiled please and he will eventually come around to her because for some reason they have to be around each other a lot.))
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Party of Interesting Faces
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