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Great roleplaying site =]
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 Tough Luck (open male)

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PostSubject: Re: Tough Luck (open male)   Tough Luck (open male) EmptySat Nov 21, 2009 5:33 pm

may I join?
If yes, what kind of story will it be like?
And what kind of male are you looking for? Smile
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PostSubject: Tough Luck (open male)   Tough Luck (open male) EmptySun May 17, 2009 8:36 pm

White haired Anime Girl Pictures, Images and Photos
Kira rolled over in bed, the silky soft sheets seemed to want to lull her back to sleep but she managed to sit up. Groaning as she got out of bed, Kira wasn't a morning person and she liked the night much more. How could she not? It almost seemed as if the night came from her, but not the cold and harsh side. It was the side that was warm and mysterious, the feeling of staying up all night just to get that one glance of another world...But the dark is still present... Kira went over to her closet and got dressed. Her mind wasn't on what she was going to wear but what she had dreamt about. There was always a face that she forgot. Someone she knew but could never remember who. Always there, but Kira was never able to grasp it.
On her way out of her room. Kira stopped in front of a mirror. From her naturally white hair to her mismatched eyes (one burnt orange and one emerald green), she was an unnatural looking girl but she knew she wasn't bad looking. Kira liked her looks, just not the looks that people gave her. She shrugged her shoulders and sighed, walking out of her room. Even though it was too early for her to eat anything she grabbed an apple and nibbled on it as she walked out the door.
Once on the street Kira seemed to be walking around aimlessly as she had no where to go but she decided to go to the park and work out some. It wasn't a very long walk, maybe a half mile. It was early and most people weren't out but never the less, when she got to the park, Kira walked until she reached a small grassy patch towards the center.
Slowly, Kira began doing moves. Fighting was what she did and she worked up from easy to complex. Throughout the whole time it seemed as if she was doing a complex dance that only she knew. Every time she moved a trail something black came from her hands and occasionally feet. It wasn't fully black though, colors of the aurora were present and seemed to sparkle like the night sky.
About a half hour later, Kira sat down in the grass, slowly leaning back. As she was laying down, small tendrils of her power drifted between her fingers. She knew what she was and that it was natural that she had her powers. She didn't know how or the experiences that had caused her to be who she was. Her memory had been wiped and she knew it but she wasn't sure why or when, Kira tried not to trouble herself with the thoughts although she knew her dreams were her subconscious telling her something. She smiled to herself and she watched the colorful black tendrils seep through her fingers. It could be used as a nightmare she knew, but also as something good. She hoped to find someone else like her but she wasn't sure if there were any. These days it seemed, she wasn't so sure of anything.
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Tough Luck (open male)
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