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Great roleplaying site =]
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 You're Not Here

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PostSubject: You''re Not Here   You're Not Here EmptyTue May 12, 2009 9:51 pm

You're Not Here

I'm Searching For the Meaning of the Poem that's in My Empty Heart
When I Turn Around, There Is Nothing Left
As Time Passes, The Poem will Lose its Color like a Flower
A Withered Poem That Doesn't Echo Anymore

I'm seeking for the past, it seperates from me
I should Understand, but why does it Hurt?
How much longer will that sound in my ear
Continue to Echo in My Heart?

Even though nothing has changed From that Time
Even though I continue to Face Forward, It's Funny Isn't it?
Gradually you get further; My Hand Won't Reach You

That Loneliness Is Still The Same

What Am I Searching For? I Don't Know Anymore
When I Realized, You've Already Flown Away
The Powerless Me Realizes As I Look Back
That Dried Up Thing There Is Me

During Those Inevitable Sad Times Tears Will Fall
This Poem Won't Lie

Those Shivers Still Cruelly Continue
Out Of Breath, I Stand Still
Nothing is There, Just Like That Last Time
I Don't Want To Return To Those Cold-Hearted Days

Ever Since I Was Young, I Saw That Dream
One Step at a Time, Still One Step at a Time
To Support Each Other, To Laugh Together
To Cry, To Get Hurt
Let's Both Walk To to that Same Colored Dream

Being Faced With Those Inevitable Painful Times
To That One Person I Believed In, Who Supported My Weaknesses
I only Have These Awkward words To Say But
Until My Withered Voice Runs Out,
I Want For You To Stay Here

(( I suck at translating >>; I'll try it if you all want but it's pretty much self explanatory at what happened in the comic strip x3 ))
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You're Not Here
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