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Great roleplaying site =]
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The Rules =O Fefb5f07


 The Rules =O

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The Rules =O Empty
PostSubject: The Rules =O   The Rules =O EmptyFri Nov 28, 2008 9:10 pm

These rules are to be taken seriously, and it would be better for you to read them before joining this site, joining a roleplay, or even making one. If not, there are consequences and actions will be taken seriously.

This page is your warning., unless it is something
considered mild.

1.) Absolutely NO Hentai. (Anime porn or nudity.
This means we shouldn't see any fully exposed private ares.

2.) Be respectful to others, if you want to argue, go somewhere else.

3.) Don't cuss too much. I know if you're cussing too much, and I'll
tell you or delete it.

4.) Do not god mode. Your character must be hit sometimes, and can not
evade every attack or land every attack. Give the other person a chance
to counter.

5.) Don't steal from my site. If you do, give ARR some credit. Don't steal at all, from any other sites. It's illegal, and if they made it, they deserve credit.

6.) Absolutely no sexually mature roleplays on the main RPG board.
At all. It will be deleted, and if you do it more then once, I will
ban you or cancel your membership.

7.) If you're going to have mature roleplays, state it in the title
or the first post. It will be deleted if you don't do this.
(Yes, even on the Yuri and Yaoi board, but not on Mature board)

8.) If you have any problems with me, assist. managers,
these rules, any members, or the site, let me know.
Don't take matters into your own hands.

9.) Create a character before you roleplay. These characters
do not have to be approved by a assist. Manager or Manager.

10.) Don't jump into a roleplay with over 100-150
posts. Sometimes people get annoyed and ticked off.
Ask them first. And read the firs few posts to find
out what's going on. Don't ruin someones roleplay
with your ignorance.

11.) Don't spam, advertise, or put you own messages
on the RPG boards, or the RPG Requests boards.
If I see it, it will be deleted. If you keep persisting,
you'll have a membership cancelled.

12.) Don't try to tell me how to run my site if you're
going to do it rudely. I can take suggestions, but I
won't be demanded. I've ran it for over 2 years now,
and it's done great so far.

13.) Keep your roleplays on the right boards. It's
like keeping a movie in the right genre. If it's a yuri,
it must be kept on the yuri board. Yaoi on yaoi.
No matter what.
If it's an actual anime, keep it on the right board.
If it's a slave, keep it on the slave board.
However, if it's a anime yuri, put it on yuri.
Or if it's a yaoi slave, keep it on yaoi. If you
fail to do this, you will be asked to move your
roleplay, or it will be deleted.

14.) Don't rp incest. That's just sick. Would you
have sex with your own mom/dad? Or sister/brother?
Thats the kind of image you give off when you rp
that crap. Please, no incest on this site. Unless of
course it's an actual anime, like perhaps Angel
Sanctuary or something.

15.) No child molestation. It's disgusting. It's
not going to be allowed here. 13 year old Rp Chars won't
be considered child molestation.


a.) If it's a roleplay and it's mature, but doesn't
state so, I'll delete it. That's it. No if's, an's, or
but's about it. It's the most simple rule on there.

b.) I'll delete anything I see that is violating these
set of rules.

c.) Membership Cancelled: You're messages,
pictures, and roleplays are deleted. Can't get
them back. You can rejoin however.

d.) Banned: You can not rejoin again unless an
assistant manager or myself unbans you.

Is something missing? I deleted it or it got lost.
I deleted it for a reason though. Check your
email, usually I'll email you or let you know
somehow. If I haven't, then IM me and ask me.
I'll let you know what happened so you know
not to do it again. If you're just going to whine
about it though, oh well. It's deleted and it's
over with. Don't do it again, and you won't
have anything to worry about.

Just follow these rules and you won't have any problems.
Okay? If you see anybody breaking these rules, let someone
know. No, you're not being a snitch. If you enjoy roleplaying
here, then it's like a home. You'd want to keep your community
clean, wouldn't you?
Email me and let me know whats going on, or IM me. Or
any fo the other assist. managers.


The Rules =O Haydenforum

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The Rules =O
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