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Great roleplaying site =]
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 On the Surface...

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On the Surface... Empty
PostSubject: On the Surface...   On the Surface... EmptyWed Nov 09, 2011 12:13 am

On the surface I'm strong
A faith that never waivers, a will that never breaks
But to believe that is wrong
Cause I've had much more than I could possibly take..
Cause the truth is...
On the outside I'm honestly lying..
And the fact is, there's nothing inside...
My will lies in front of me, shattered into pieces
And my faith is waving a flag of white
Saying it no longer has the strength to believe
And I'm sitting there, broken and on bended knees
Tired of the uselessness that I always feel
Tired of pretending that my reality isn't real

But on the surface I'm strong
My mentality holding steady
But inside I'm tired of pretending
That i'm not getting buried..
And I carry the weight of everything I can't handle
Back breaking under the tension
and I can't believe how I push on with these wounds
And I never seem to learn my lesson
I never slow down, I push forward with every ounce of strength
And when there is nothing left I push again just to give everything else
and I break, and my faith waivers, and I want to give up...

But on the surface, you can see...
I'm fine, I can take more of whatever is dished out
Cause that's what I want you to believe...
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On the Surface...
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