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Great roleplaying site =]
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//Stuck in her Past\\ Open//Mature\\ A60b98de

//Stuck in her Past\\ Open//Mature\\ Fefb5f07


 //Stuck in her Past\\ Open//Mature\\

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//Stuck in her Past\\ Open//Mature\\ Empty
PostSubject: //Stuck in her Past\ Open//Mature\   //Stuck in her Past\\ Open//Mature\\ EmptyWed Sep 28, 2011 8:19 pm

In the graveyard stood a girl dressed in gray. She stood in front of four graves quietly, a crumpled tissue in her hand.
She couldn't believe this happened to her, of all people.
Her name is Asia, just Asia. She has given up her last name and now only goes by that one word.
"I'm sorry, Mom..." she whispered to one of the four graves before her, she pulled a tulip out of her pocket and set it on her grave.
She sniffed, she didn't have anyone anymore.
"Hope your proud, Dad." she said again, looking at the grave beside her mothers. She felt her eyes sting and her lip quiver.
She then turned to the third grave,"Bee......lil sister......" at this point tears came out of her eyes and strolled down her face, "I love you....I hope you had a wonderful life.." he said, then finally turned to her last grave.
"David....." but she couldn't hold it in anymore, she urst out in tears and turned and ran off in shame of crying.
She ran blindly until she gotten into a bathroom and slid into a corner. She wrapped her arms around her knees and cried softly.
Then she felt something in her pocket, and she pulled it out to reveal a long, slick knife.
A small thought went through her head as she pressed the knife gently to her skin and skimmed it across her wrist.
If she died, she would be with them...with HIM again, and it will all become better.....
Little did she know thatshe walked into the men's public bathroom and at that moment the door was opening.....

//Stuck in her Past\\ Open//Mature\\ Spellbound_by_aiki_ame-d3jfn12
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//Stuck in her Past\\ Open//Mature\\
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