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Great roleplaying site =]
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\P\ & Two Hearts Beat & /M/ Jailbait_stomp_Incorruptible10_by_ink4884-1

Time was nothing. It was just something that passed by. It was what made people age, and gave people a past, a past that she knew how to use against anyone who crossed her path. To many, time was as untouchable thing, something that no one could control or have access to. It was something that created a past, a present, and held a future. Koralynn Harra knew all about time, and the lengths of it that it took to process things around you. She also knew that it should take a great deal of time to learn things as well. That was the first sign that Kory had found that taught her that she was not normal. By the age of six, she had learned three different languages, and not by reading or studying them, but by listening to her father's one sided conversation with ambassadors and governors of other countries. She didn't know how she knew what he was stating on these phone calls, but after being around them enough, she could tell you the entire countries history in their native tongue. Her family, not having ever paid much mind to her and usually leaving her with the nanny, didn't notice enough to take a care in it. But Kory had noticed, and she had wanted to test to see how much farther this could go. By the time she was thirteen, she learned many different things, that were far beyond her knowledge. She knew how to take a car apart, and put them back together again without a fault, and even making it better than before. She knew five languages now, fluently. She was also in classes that made college students cringe. She was brilliant, and she was beautiful. A deadly combination. But when she neared the age of fourteen, Kory began to notice even stranger things begin to happen. Her parents died in a car accident just a few weeks before her fourteenth birthday, and it had triggered something horrific inside of her. Dreams from her past, her fears and her nightmares, began to form around her. She relived a crash that she had never seen almost every night in her bedroom. It always seemed as if she was in the middle of that very street, the car crushing around her. At first, the images started as dreams, and seeped into her reality. But soon, when she became so distressed over the fact that she was alone, the images became a reality around her. Kory was alone now, and all that she had were these horrors that escaped her mind.

Her fourteenth birthday came and went, and so did the funeral and the burying of both of her parents. She was left everything, and she tried to live a normal life. Her grandmother lived in the house with her, having moved in shortly after the death of her parents, but she was old and frail. Kory's grandmother never paid her much mind, spending most of her time knitting and reading herself to sleep constantly. Kory was left alone, exploring her mind in silence. It was around that time that she found herself sitting in her father's study one day, glaring at a picture of her parents. Anger had boiled inside of her, mad that they had left her like they had. And as her fist clutched tightly around the arm of the chair, Kory felt the room shift around her. Something strange had expelled from her, like a gust of wind. She had gasped and looked up. There, around her, every book had shot out of their places, and scattered across the floor. Shocked by what had happened, Kory tested herself, and pushed herself as far as she could, passing out multiple times as she tried things that should not have been possible. But Kory had that one thing about her that other people didn't, she learned things far faster than anyone else ever could. And sure enough, by the end of the night, Kory learned that she could not only control objects and things around her, but also the mental aspects of people around her too. She could bring people's dream to reality, and their nightmares too. She tested all of this on her old grandmother, pulling her dreams from her as she slept and projecting them around her as the old woman slept. And by the time she reached fifteen, Kory had her control over everything. She could move things, explode things, even levitate herself. And she could dive deep into people's minds to find their fears and their dreams, and even their emotions, and bring them to life around them. She was a danger to everyone's mind, and she knew it.

So that was when Kory became Talyn, the super villain, in the dark of the night. Kory was a soft, sweet, caring girl, who would never hurt a fly. She helped people, and was there when needed. But Talyn was evil, she was consumed by greed and a dark hatred for something that she didn't even know. She blamed her parents, and those around her. No one had ever cared about her, nor had they ever taken a notice in her. But now they were forced to notice. So at night, when she should have been sleeping, Kory pulled her shoulder length hair up into a bun, put on the black wig, and wore the mask that her mother had left behind. She did things that Kory would never do. She stole, and even killed a few times. She too out all of that frustration and pent up anger out on people who didn't deserve it. She was a renegade of the night. She learned how to pick locks, how to arm bombs. And soon, she became one of the most dangerous and feared unknowns of the night.

At eighteen, her grandmother died finally, and she didn't shed a tear. Kory couldn't be sad any more. But Talyn's crime became more and more frequent. And she became much more noticed. The IRA came to her one night, she still didn't know how they knew where she would have been. She was 19 by the time they had made a deal with her. The man, Ian, came to her and told her that he needed someone taken care of, someone that only she could handle. At first, Talyn didn't know what he was talking about. Then she met Facade, and she saw exactly what Ian had been so worried about.

Talyn would be called on a special device that Ian had given her every time her services were needed. She would be messaged with a location and a time to be there, and simple instructions. And at the end of every mission, Ian would have a bag of cash waiting for her. It was better than stealing, and she got to have some fun with the man. So while Talyn ran angrily through the streets at night, the IRA at her side, Kory was living a life like a princess. She was happy, and her heart was stolen by a man she had met at the coffee shop one morning. She had bumped in to him while she was walking, had been too interested in a book that she had already read five times that week. She should have been watching where she was going, but now she was happy that she hadn't been and she had spilled her coffee all down his front. Because if she hadn't she would have never lost her heart to the most perfect man ever.

Three years later, and Kory and Hollister were still together. They were close, but not as close as she would have hoped to be. She wanted to tell him her secret, and when they had agreed to get a place together, Kory finally selling her families large house, she had almost told him. But she couldn't do it. Yes, Kory was big on honesty, but Talyn was far from honest. She was dark and evil, and she was the complete opposite of everything that Kory had ever prided herself to be. So Kory decided to hide it further. No one could ever accept the fact that she was a villain, and she wouldn't test to see if that was true.

But it was beginning to prove to be difficult. Where would she hide the things that she wore when she was Talyn? It couldn't be somewhere that he would find it. So while Hollister was gone, getting things that he was moving in to the rather nice sized house they had just started to rent, she found one of the largest, and most boring books in her collection. With a pocket knife, she cut the center of the pages out, and hollowed out the book, making it so when it was shut, it still looked as if it was a book. Inside of it, she stashed her black wig, the mask from her mother, and the elbow high gloves that she wore when she was Talyn. It was better this way. She couldn't tell Hollister, not just yet.

Once placing the book on her bookshelf along with the hundreds of other books, Kory found her keys and left the house, going back to her house to pick up the last of her boxes. When she returned, she was excited to see Hollister's car in the driveway, and after lifting the last of her boxes in to her arms, she walked inside.

Green eyes darted around the living room as she set the box down on the floor. She brought her hands up behind her head and pulled her blonde hair up in to a loose pony tail behind her head as she walked through the house. "Hollister? Where are you?" She called, looking for him, curious as to see what more he had to do.
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