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Great roleplaying site =]
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 Maiden's Romance

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PostSubject: Maiden's Romance   Maiden's Romance EmptySat Jun 18, 2011 5:45 pm

The ladies' sweet perfumes
Are fluttering like the transparent wings of a butterfly
As the whispers on the other side of their folding fans
Dissolve into the musicians' overture

I start to tiptoe onto the floor
With the hem of my dress rustling as it drags along
In the overlapping sound of shoes
If I stop and look up
At that person with blue eyes

Without words, we have a conversation of glances
If you run your cold fingers across my hands
That are covered by thin silk gloves
Without a single shred of unease
This dream yearned for by my maiden self
Will now be linked to this moment...

Our waltz was the twinkling of stars
It resembled a shiver, as this beautiful night passes by
What I'm thinking of now are those lake-colored eyes
Of that person whose name I don't even know

Outside the doors of this white house's gates
In the deep forest, I am alone and lost
Soon, the moonlight will fall
Lying down upon the jade-colored water's surface
And you, who is standing still beside the bank...

Without any words, you hold out your arms
We embrace each other tightly
And dance on the borders of dizziness

The fish are clad in their golden scale dresses
The birds are singing with their silver voices
And the flowers sinking below the water's surface are blooming profusely
But where is this place?
Who are You?

I'm still aimlessly wandering about tonight
Into the depths, the depths of the thorny bushes, without fear
Without any words, you reach out your arms
and entwine them around me
As we dance while facing towards the darkness

If this is a dream
Then please, so that I never wake up...
So that we are never separated again
Please, stop my heart...
As if you were plucking with those hands
A Bright Red Rose
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Maiden's Romance
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