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PostSubject: Re: ..:: Like A Game of Pickup Sticks ::.. ((Mature. Private))   ..:: Like A Game of Pickup Sticks ::.. ((Mature. Private)) EmptyMon Mar 09, 2009 6:34 pm

..:: Like A Game of Pickup Sticks ::.. ((Mature. Private)) Bluegal


She stirred in her seat and furrowed her eyebrows.


Nina slumped her hand over the desk and mumbled to shoo them away. Someone was standing before her, smiling, laughing and waving at her. She blinked a few times and shielded her eyes against the harsh sunlight to see who it was; but they were so dark, the only thing she could see were their shiny child-like grin.

'Nina get up, come along Nina it's time to get up.'

"Mmmpher...."She groaned and turned her head down into the crook of her sleeve. Once again she blinked and saw that they were getting farther and farther away. "C-come back..."She mumbled, her foot sliding on the floor in her dream-like attempt to run. "D-don't...don't leave."

'You've gotta catch up Nina come on! I'm leeeeeeaving you!'

"Nina come on get-"
"NO!" The entire classroom fell silent and her scream echoed throughout the room. Birds darted off into the trees and a few students stopped and turned around. Nina blinked her round eyes and looked at the crowd of kids in embarrassment. They all seemed to be staring at her, confused and wondering why she had such a sudden out burst. A piece of paper slipped out onto the ground and she mentally cursed herself.

"Alright, alright people nothing to see here move it!"
She turned around and narrowed her eyes to refocus her vision. All the while she was trying to make sense of what had just happened. Was she day dreaming? Had she fallen asleep? And why does she keep having that dream almost every day? And WHY did she have it at school just now?!

"Que pasa Nina, kwaenchan ayeo?" A male voice asked behind her. Nina turned around and met face-to-face with her friend Lucas Jung. Lucas grinned showing his pearly whites and his turquoise eyes flashed with a sparkle. It took her a moment to realize that is was Lucas who'd cleared away everyone to save her the entire embarrassment. Nina grinned and bowed.

"Nada mucha, "She replied and started walking with him, "Nothing really. How bout you?"

The two of them passed through the halls and milled around until they arrived to their second hour, Art Class. Drawing and painting was one of Nina's favorite subjects, well besides that,and mathematics. She greeted the the teacher, Ms. Tomine', and took her favorite easel which was by the window. "Its where I get alllllll of my inspiration!"She had once told her. Lucas took the one behind her and tossed her the supplies they would need.

"Alright kids welcome back from spring break! Aren't you glad to be back here?"Ms. Tomine' asked, crossing her legs as she sat on her desk.
"Nooooo."All of the students groaned at the same time. Ms. Tomine' gasped and placed her hand on her chest; her expression pretending to be hurt.
"But SURELY you all have missed ME? Ay, my students no longer love me....."
"No no Ms. Mine' we love you!" Almost everyone said at the same time. Lucas winked at Ms. Tomine' and NIna had to supress a giggle. The teacher clapped her hands and blew kisses before hopping down and taking a walk throughout the room.

"Good! Because the year is going out and.....I have an assignment for you!" Ms. Tomine' whirled around and smiled at all of her students. "For this second half of the will be doing seven...yes only seven assignments for me. And the first one is going to be an expression of what is a reflection of you."

"Uh...Ms. Mine' ?" Lucas raised his hand.
"Yes Mr. Jung?"
"Does it necessarily have to be a painting? comes in many forms, right?"
Ms. Tomine' paused for a moment and then snapped her fingers. "Hai! Giovanni-kun you are absolutely right. Class, if you want to do a painting, you can. BUT, like your fellow classmate just mentioned, what EVER you feel reflects it in any way you wish! However, NOTHING sexual....or else I will have to put you in a choke-hold. Clear?"

"Clear."The class repeated, some of them a bit scared of Ms.Tomine's' threat.
"Alright, now today is April 14th, you will have until the FIRST of May, no sooner no later, to have your assignment finished. Today's assignment is going to help you all." The teacher quickly tread her footsteps behind her desk and began rummaging around.

"What I want you all to do right now is to take out some pencils or paint and begin to sketch, draw, or write down a memory that sticks out to you. You don't have to make it easy to understand if the memory is personal. This will be for the entire class hour. Have at it kids!"

Nina felt something tighten in her throat and she cast her eyes towards the window. A memory? Ms. Tomine' wanted her to try and convey a memory? She ran a hand through her hair and stared at the easel. Tan paper and idle pencils taunted her as she stared on with every moment passing. She would have to draw something, splash some paint on there, anything! But most importantly, it had to be a memory...something that stood out to her....something....something with....him.

"Ms. Allen!"

Nina blinked and turned around to see who was calling her. When her purple eyes finally caught focus, she nearly jumped out of her skin when she realized how close Ms. Tomine' was to her face. Ms. Tomine' tried her best to keep a grin from forming and ended up failing entirely.

"Ni-hehheh...hah...hehahaha....N-nina, "The woman choked between laughs, "Why are you so jumpy?"
"Wha? J-jumpy? Me? Ah no..."Nina fiddled with her hands and adverted her gaze away from the woman's amber eyes. Ms. Tomine' stifled another laugh and handed her two medium sized boxes. When Nina took them she almost fell from the way the teacher had dropped them into her arms. Lucas took the initiative and grabbed a hold of her bookbag for when she would come back. "You can do it soldier!"He said saluting her.

"These,"Ms. Tomine' pointed, "Are the scalpels I ordered to give to Ms. Washington's Biology class. I want you to take them to her room and make sure she gets them. Oh and Nina?"

"Yes?"Nina turned around, she was already half way through the door.
"Try not to become distracted, "Ms. Tomine' then winked and mouthed the words, " Time waits for no one."
Confused and now lost, Nina nodded and left the room. It wasn't long before she had reached the first floor and was heading towards the classroom. But by then she immersed deep in the dark ocean of her thoughts. "I still have to come up with a memory. But all of those memories involve HIM!" She kept walking and glared off into space, "I can bawely remembew his face....well....not the way he would look now....and what did Ms. Tomine' mean...when she said that....?"

Nina was drowned so far into her mind that she had not noticed that Ms. Washington had already had someone open the door to the classroom. However who ever it was that had gotten up was about to experience an unfortunate event; because, she had been walking so fast that she crashed into the student. The boxes fell and hit the ground, and she almost knocked down whoever it was she had run into. Nina jumped back and began to look around frantically. For some unlawful reason she had become so paranoid.

"I'm sorry I'm sorry!" She closed her eyes and tried to steady the one she almost trucked. "I didn't mean to reawy I didn't!" Nina shook her head over and over and stared at the ground; she wouldn't allow herself to look the one in the face, and her face turned pink from her stupid speech impediment. Why did it always come back when she was mad or embarrassed?!?!?! 'Those shoes........' Her eyes caught a hold of a familiar design of the shoes and she let out a small gasp. She had almost knocked the wind out of the new boy from English class!
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PostSubject: Re: ..:: Like A Game of Pickup Sticks ::.. ((Mature. Private))   ..:: Like A Game of Pickup Sticks ::.. ((Mature. Private)) EmptySun Mar 08, 2009 11:48 pm

"There'll never be a time when I can't find you." The words came almost immediately after he had looked at the purple haired female when she had first walked into the room. He had almost forgotten that day so many years ago. In fact, he hadn't thought about it for a good six years. It was one of those memories that had been shut away carefully where it could deepen any more scars. Aiden stared out the window of the classroom, smiling warmly, even though it was only a small smile. Aiden could now remember all too well that day. It was such a nice day, and it was so calm and warm outside. He could remember the puppies, but not their names... A boy and a girl puppy, wasn't it? Aiden bit on his bottom lip in frustration as he tried to think of the names of those two dogs, but instead, the only name that could come to his mind was hers. Nina. He could remember her best of all. Her perfectly colored eyes, how tantilizing and entrancing they were. He could remember her hair... it's purple color, it's long locks that were always tied in bows. Her cute face and that speech impediment that he had always found more than adorable. He had loved her since he had met her. But how had he met her? Again, Aiden sat there, pressing into long forgotten memories that he had shut away. School... it was school. There were boys... on the playground. The memory started to flood back into Aiden's mind, and he could see exactly what had happened like it had happened only yesterday. There were boys on the playground at the school, five of them to be exact. They were tossing around a backpack, one that he knew to belong to a girl in his class. The kids were laughing, making fun of someone, but Aiden couldn't see who exactly. He could remember seeing a flash of purple hair inbetween the boys, and knowing immediately which girl it was from his class. "Hey! Leave her alone!" Aiden had shouted at the boys as he ran towards them. And there she was, Nina, the purple haired girl from his class, standing there inbetween the boys, crying as they tossed her backpack between them and held them over their heads where she couldn't reach them. "Leave her alone!" Aiden had shouted once again, throwing a handfull of rocks at the back of the boys heads. Eventually they dropped the bag onto the ground at their feet and left the girl and Aiden there by themselves. "Are you okay?" He had asked her. She only nodded at him though as she quickly collected her bag and turned to walk away from him. "Hey wait! You're name is Nina isn't it? I'm Aiden. I'm in your class!" He called after her, hurrying to keep up with her. "Why did you help me?" She asked, her voice soft and shaken. "Because they were being meanies." Aiden said, blinking a few times. "But why did you stop?" She asked him softly as she watched him. "I saw your purple hair. I knew you were the girl from my class." Aiden stopped and thought to himself for a minute. "Hey! You wanna be my friend!?" Aiden asked, excitedly. He had just moved there and didn't have any friends. "Fweinds?" The speech impendement finally showed. "SUWE!" She said as she hugged Aiden to her. And it was from then on out that they were inseperable.

Inseeperable until that night. Aiden's smile faded and he sighed. He finally tore his eyes away from the window and looked around the room. Blinking, he ralized that he had missed something, seeing as how one of the boys was looking rather angrilly at Nina, and she was glaring rather intently at him. It was even stranger though when the young man suddenly looked uncomfortable and asked to get water. Aiden looked over at Nina after that, seeing the rather content look on her face. She looked as if she had won some unspoken battle. Aiden could feel his PDA going off in his pocket and he simply sighed, shaking his head. Sticking his hand into his pocket, he turned the small machine off. It was from there on out that Aiden simply let himself slip away from the reality of the classroom, and went back to not thinking about anything. The teacher ended up going on with the normal teaching schedule, leaving Aiden to stare down blankly into his book. It wasn't long, quite possibly only a few minutes later, when the bell signalling the end of class sounded in the classroom. Aiden was slow to stand and collect his things from his desk, not really caring about what class he had to go to next. Aiden finally collected his things and slowly moved out of the room, not slowed down by the swarm of children that had already rushed out of the room. Aiden heard walking behind him and looked back to see who was still in the classroom before turning and walking out the door of the room and into the hallways of the school once again.

Aiden walked a little ways until he got to his locker. He opened it and shoved the books inside before pulling a piece of paper out of his pocket. His schedule. Reading over it quickly, he sighed, seeing that he was due to go to Biology class next. He hated science. He had studied more science in the academy the past ten years then he knew what to do with. So slowly, ,Aiden pulled out the books for his next class and closed his locker before alking down the halls once again and towards his biology class.
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PostSubject: Re: ..:: Like A Game of Pickup Sticks ::.. ((Mature. Private))   ..:: Like A Game of Pickup Sticks ::.. ((Mature. Private)) EmptyFri Mar 06, 2009 9:37 pm

..:: Like A Game of Pickup Sticks ::.. ((Mature. Private)) Bluegal

"Um....." She blinked and scratched the back of her head. Uh oh. No one comes late to McGraw-Hill's class without getting the run around from him, she had to think fast.

"Well, Ms. Allen?"
"Sir, I can honestly say that I was held back from getting here." Nina closed the classroom door and leaned up against it, her eyes trying not to quiver under his strong gaze.
"Alright then Ms. Allen, WHAT exactly held you back?"
Nina mentally slapped herself in the forehead, 'Stupid! You forgot to say what! She fiddled with her fingers and narrowed her eyes at a student who was snickering at her misfortune.
"Oh! Uh, right...."

She sighed and ran her eyes around the entire room for a minute; at one point they fell upon that boy again that she had never seen before. Or had she?
"My mother."
"Your....mother?"Mr. McGraw-Hill asked, she could tell he was trying to make sense of what she was telling him. Nina, feeling that he bought the bate nodded and looked down at her one shoe.
"Yep my mother. She talked my ear off this morning and took forever to get the car started. Then, she left for work and forgot me at home...she had been called in for a meeting."She kept going on and on and completely disregarded the number one rule while she was at it:


"So I had to take my bike and ride all the way to school instead....lost my shoe on the way too..."Nina stuck out her pale leg with the long purple sock and wiggled her toes for emphasis, "And....that took me longer to get here too."
"Only losers lose their shoes, "A boy named Justin Shades said and laughed at his own joke. She turned around to glare at him and his other friends who were laughing.
"Aw what's the matter Nina-beana? Are you mad?" Asked a girl named Brooke, one of the so called 'First Ladies' and Justin's main squeeze. Brooke and her friends snickered a little and Nina narrowed her eyes.

"Uh...Mr. McGee...sir?"
"Yes Mr. Shades?"
"Can need some water?"Justin stood up from his desk and rubbed his throat, coughing a bit from the dryness. Mr. McGraw nodded and handed him the pass to leave. He walked past Nina and bumped her a little, but he kept rubbing his neck.
"Very well Nina you may have a seat now."Mr. McGraw stated and she went on her way. Walking around the classroom it was only when she reached the new student had she realized that he was in her seat. Nina slapped herself in the forehead and eyed the few students who was watching them.

"Um...excuse me..."She started to say until he looked up, "......nevermind." Nina took a seat towards the back, the one in the corner and set her stuff down. 'Oh great Nini....first week after spring break and you're already attacking people....jeez...' Her eyes caught a view of the sky and latched onto its dark, rumbling and rainy atmosphere. She could almost feel the humid warm mists rising from the ground and crawling throughout the classroom. The more she breathed in, the heavier the pressure on her heart seemed to be. When Nina looked at the back of the new kid's head, she had to in order to see the outside, she felt something go through her and sat up.

"I have never seen him before...."She said to herself, just as Justin entered the classroom, "But the rain falls think other wise...."

She leaned forward in her seat and stared at the pages of the english books. Words from long dead poets and scholars scribbled across the page in automatic printing ink, beckoning her eyes to read its mysteries and discover their hidden meanings. But she had a mystery of her own to solve, a discovery of her own to find. Instead of paying attention to 'A Midsummer Night's Dream', her mind kept tracing back to that midsummer's night when she was in the first grade.

"Niiiiiiiniiiiiii!" A childlike voice called in the setting sun. Two short figures followed by two puppies chased each other around the forested backyard of her parent's home. Their little reflections imitated in ripples by the crystal river behind the trees. Nina giggled and kicked her shoes, she ran behind a crooked apple blossom tree and tucked herself down on the ground.
"Nini where are youuuuu?"The childish voice asked again, a small woof followed right behind it. Nina peeked from where she was and patted the fur of the fluffy puppy that was with her.
"Bone, we hafta be quiet okii? Can't let Gigi and Aiden find us-"
A small boy jumped from behind the tree and a puppy with a pink collar too big for her neck hopped out with him. Just as a laughing Nina was tackled by him, Bone was tackled by Gigi.
"No fair Aiden you cheated!" She stuck out her tongue and pouted.
" was your purple hair!"She smiled as he flicked her hair and smiled even more when he said, "There'll never be a time when I can't find you."

Nina stared into his eyes and felt her own water. Ever since she could remember she was always a cry baby. Whether it was thunder, lightning, or her mother accidentally tripping down the stairs, she'd always shed a tear. At that moment, without thinking, the little girl wrapped her arms around him and caused them both to fall onto the grass; allowing them to gaze up at the now shining stars.

"Aiden....we're pals right?" Nina asked and felt him nod, "So...since we're pals...Im gunna say this once....and I want it to stick with ya."She sat up and looked at him grinning, her long hair falling over her face, "You are mine and I am yours forevoh." She said, ignoring her speech impediment, "No one can tear us apart, cuz....I lub ya!"

"No one..."Nina uttered, watching Mr. McGraw lecture on about sonnets and poems, " no one."
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PostSubject: Re: ..:: Like A Game of Pickup Sticks ::.. ((Mature. Private))   ..:: Like A Game of Pickup Sticks ::.. ((Mature. Private)) EmptyFri Mar 06, 2009 9:07 pm

This was ridiculous. Completely absurd. Aiden had never asked to be this person. He had never wanted this in his life. So then why was he here? WHy had he come to the one place he had sworn he would never return to? Aiden sighed as his eyes rose up from the desk and adverted them to the left side of the room. He looked out the windows of the classroom, watching as the water splashed against the glass windows. He watched it carefully as droplets ran down the glass only to be eaten by new splatters of water. The rain... again the rain taunted him. Again the rain made fun of his past, haunted him and teased him. It made him angry. It made him want to go crazy. He could only think of the things that he wanted to do because of the rain. He could only think of the things that that night of rain had brought him. Pain... heartbreak. He missed her, but only when it rained. But at the same time, he was only happy when it rained. It reminded him, allowed him to see her again. He didn't see her as he had seen her so many years ago though. He saw her as what he could only imagine her to look like now. Older, more beautiful than ever. But still those piercing eyes, those things that had entranced him from the moment he first saw her, were still the same. Perfection and happiness. Those were everything that those eyes brought to him. Aiden continued to sit there, watching the rain and the water. His mind however was somewhere else. It wasn't in the classroom where he was, obviously, or he would have heard the teacher ask for them all to pull out their books. He would have heard all the students grumbling unhappily as they let their books fall open onto their desks. He too would have humored this entire thing and opened his book as well. But it was not so, not this time. Instead all he could do was think of her.

"Aaaaaiiiiiidddddeeeeennnnn!" The scream that she had released from those perfect lips echoed through his mind. He could never forget it, forget the twinges of pain and the heartache that came to himwhenever he remembered the painful way that she had shouted after him. He could remember that apple blossom tree, the one that now stood in the front yard of his house. How ironic that the house that him and her had stood infront of that last night together was the house that the organization had purchased for him to live in. Aiden couldn't stand it. He thought about pulling out, taking a leave of absence. How could he have come here? How could he return to this place after so many years? That stupid apple blossom. Those stupid tears... those beautiful eyes. "I will return to you. I promise, Little One." Again he heard his own words from so long ago. Aiden raised a hand and ran his fingers through his messy hair. He shut his eyes now, taking a deep breath. His mind reminded him of why he loved this place so much, why when he had first gotten to this place, he had walked up to that tree and ran a hand tenderly across the trunk of it. It reminded him of how he longed to see those eyes again, how he prayed that one day he would find her again. Aiden sighed again and took a deep breath, his long lost loves name coming to his mind for the first time in years.

"Ms. Nina Allen...."

Aiden's head rose immediately, his eyes snapping open and transfixing on the face of the young girl who was walking into the room. His breath caught. His eyes widened. That hair... those... those eyes. It was her. It was the one thing that he knew he needed in his life to be happy. Nina... she looked almost as he had imagined her. Perfect and beautiful. But Aiden was torn away from her when he heard his pocket beep. Aiden tore his eyes away from Nina as he shoved his hand into his pocket. He extracted the PDA from his pocket and looked down at the lighted screen. "Target in Range." Aiden blinked a few times before raising his eyes cautiously to look at Nina. He blinked a few more times before dropping his eyes back to the PDA. Quickly, he typed a message and sent it. "Are you sure? How long has it been in target?" Was all that his message had said. ALmost immediately, the response came. "Target has just entered your view. I am more than certain that she is there." Aiden shook his head. This couldn't be. Another beep, another message. "You must stay focused. This is not the time to bring up the past and old friends. You are there for work, not play Aiden." Aiden shoved the PDA into his pocket. She couldn't be his target. She wasn't one of them. It had to be someone else in the room. It had to be someone that he hadn't noticed walk in because he was so intent on staring at Nina. But it was then that Aiden knew, he couldn't let Nina know that he was who he was. He had to act like he had never seen her before in his life. It was for her own safety. He couldn't let something happen to her if he was found out about.

So Aiden forgot about his PDA and the messages of the target being in sight. It was impossible. Not his Nina. And so Aiden rose his eyes to look at Nina once again, but only for a moment before tearing his eyes away and looking out the window once again. It was hard to look at the rain though. It almost made him want to smile. Not only had it torn his one love away from him, but it had also brought her back.
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PostSubject: Re: ..:: Like A Game of Pickup Sticks ::.. ((Mature. Private))   ..:: Like A Game of Pickup Sticks ::.. ((Mature. Private)) EmptyFri Mar 06, 2009 7:34 pm

..:: Like A Game of Pickup Sticks ::.. ((Mature. Private)) Bluegal

" CAN'T go.....what if you never come back?" A six and a half year old Nina asked with her fists balled together. She blinked her round, pupil-less orchid eyes and pouted her lips. Standing there in the middle of a sidewalk, under an apple tree in the early weeks of spring were two children. One slightly taller than the other, and the shorter one, being Nina tapping the ground with the toe of her shoe.

Everything seemed to happen in a blur; to her, in the beginning she had no life. No friends, no playmates, or anything.... all because of her freaky eyes. How rare it would be for her to find friends in the kids at her school; parents cautiously eyeing her and whispering behind her, all because she appeared different than others. Only one kid out of the entire elementary body had the courage to speak up and look past her 'defected' features and see her for who she really was. A child who just wished to blend in and belong.

And now, that one true friend was being snatched away; snatched away to somewhere unknown, somewhere where she would never see him again.
"Not fair!"Nina kicked the base of the tree and watched the apple blossoms fall, rain pouring from the clouds just as soon as she did so. Her eyes would never look at him again, and she twisted and untwisted her fingers from around eachother. She felt like her mind was being torn in two, and the fear of never knowing if he would be gone forever, or see her again was driving her to tears.

It was only then when he began walking away.......did the waterfalls flow.


Ten and a half years passed and the memory became nothing but a small puzzle in the conundrum of her brain. Since then Nina had forgotten the reason why her eternal love left, or if she had known why he had left at all. The thought of her childhood sweetheart had faded into the recesses of the back of her mind; under the dusty ancient files along with her past. It was as if that very factor of him had become a myth, it was as if he had never existed at all.

Maybe, just maybe, her life was supposed to be that way.

"Bone! Gigi! Get up you two come on!" The sixteen year old called while tying ribbons into her hair and coming down the stairs. No sooner had she turned the corner a large, massive siberian husky came tearing down the stairs after her. On the other side a smokey, grey and white alaskan malamute raced down the hallway and smacked into the other dog.

"Morning guys!"Nina chirped and they barked in unison. Bone, the dog with the blue collar, paced around her and playfully nipped at her feet. Gigi, the one with the pink collar, yipped and pawed once at the door.
"Alright alright you two, as soon as I grab my stupid book bag I'm gonna' let you both out."She whipped into the kitchen and found her black and purple bookbag seated on the island. A note was attached to it.

Dear Nina,
Hey its mom look I made you breakfast, but I know you probably won't eat it so I packed it up so you could take it to lunch. Apologies sweetheart for not being there to wake you in the morning but I had to leave early. Handling business....and you KNOW what business I mean so I may be coming home late if I don't find anything. Keep the house locked up and don't let the dogs stay out all night. Nina.....I want you to watch your back today, okay hun? Something....does not feel right mindful of your....'abilities'. Okay dearest? Mommy loves you!

"Ugh, man how long is she going to be gone?"Nina flipped the note on the other side and fumed, "She didn't even say."

"I'm coming I'm coming." She slung her bag on her back and raked the keys into the pockets in her long shorts which were under her skirt. Gigi pawed the door once again and Bone tottered up to her with a purple umbrella in his mouth. "Woof."

"Huh? Its raining?"She tipped on her toes and looked out. Sure enough, it was POURING.
" I have to speed ride on my bike, "Nina scratched Bone behind the ears and headed towards the basement to get her bike.

Five minutes and a cut knee later, she finally emerged out of the basement and was met with wet kisses and hyper barking.
"Quiet wolfies!"She scolded and they calmed down. Well, after Gigi put in one last bark. Nina opened the umbrella and stepped outside, the streets shimmering with rain water. When Nina looked up towards the dark clouds she felt a slow pressure mounding on her heart and she breathed in.

"It....this feeling....and only every single time that it rains...."
"Oh! Right, do you guys still want to run the streets?"
"Fine, fine, come on. Andale'!" Nina opened the door a little wider and steadied her bike to prepare for the every-morning montage. The wolf hybrid dogs twirled around on the front lawn and barked their morning barks, splashing around in the puddles and chasing after eachother.

"Bone! Asi!"
Bone, the massive one, came hurdling back to his master and followed after her as she headed for the sidewalk, "Mama is coming home late tonight, and you know the times when I come home from this thing called school. and Gigi have to hold down the house while we're gone. Don't stay out no later than 11:30 am okay? I need you two to be back here before me. Go tell Gigi, kay?"

"Good boy!"Nina smiled and scruffed his ears playfully, "Jaale' Bone, jaale'! Bone swiveled back onto the lawn and barked at Gigi. The slender physique of her canine body tensed up and her ears perked towards him. He barked again and the two of them tore off in the other direction.
"Now, "Nina turned grimly towards the city, her pale eyes falling on that building people called a school, "To tackle this crud hole. Come on Nina, jaale'!"


"Alright students if you would follow me over to page three hundred and sixty four in your writing books please....."Mr. McGraw-Hill said and wrote something on a marker board. Simultaneously the sound of thumping english books hummed throughout the class room and students sighed at how boring, and wet, today was. Before McGraw-Hill opened his mouth to say anything further, the door to the classroom opened and in stepped an odd student.

"Ah, Ms. Nina Allen....."

Nina, the girl who lost her shoe in the hectic bike ride and finally found a bandage for basement accident, froze in place and squinted her eyes shut. A few students in the back of the classroom where pointing and whispering about her missing shoe which she tried her best to ignore without getting fired up. She opened her left eye to see and caught a glimpse of some kid she had never even seen before. But that thought was interrupted as soon as Mr. McGraw-Hill cleared his throat. "Y-yes sir?"

"You're late."
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[img]..:: Like A Game of Pickup Sticks ::.. ((Mature. Private)) SK_Tetsuya[/img]

((That's my picture... It didn't show up before... Sorry.))
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..:: Like A Game of Pickup Sticks ::.. ((Mature. Private)) SK_Tetsuya

Rain... He hated the rain. It always reminded him of that horrible day. That day that he had left this place almost ten years ago. Seven years old and being torn away from everything that you loved and everything that you cared about was a traumatizing expeirence for any child. But for Aiden... it was more than traumatizing.. it was the moment that haunted him for the many years that came to pass. But after a few years, the pain of the one that he loved went away. The memories became nothing more than fragile scars on his heart and mind. Scars that were reopened every night when he slept and saw that childish face that he missed so much. Fragile scars the burned and tore when the rain poured down outside, reminding him of that last time he had seen her. Aiden couldn't remember if the wet drops on her face were tears or drops of rain, or if they were maybe even both. But Aiden could remember the way that her face looked while she screamed for him to stop and to come back. And he could remember the way that she crippled into the middle of the deserted street as he disappeared for what he thought would have been forever. Seven years old and all he had wanted to do was turn around and run to her, to hold her and wipe away her tears. He wanted to tell her that it would be okay... that things weren't really happening the way they were. But all Aiden could remember were the last words that he had spoken to her. "I will return to you. I promise, Little One."

The words echoed in Aiden's memory as he stood in the main hall of the high school. The rain poured down outside behind him through the glass doors. He didn't need to turn around to know that. He could hear it... smell it. Ironic... how it rained the night that he had left and how it rained the day that he returned. But he knew that things were different now. So much different than they had been when he was seven. Now, he was seventeen. He was almost an adult. He made his own decisions now... So then why had he chosen to take this stupid mission? When he was seven, he had no choice in the matter to becoming a bounty hunter. It was his bloodline. His parents were two of the best. And already he was showing great potential in following in their footsteps. He was showing such great potential that he was approached with this mission. A mission that had no information and no briefing. One that was simply dropped into his hands. He was told where to go, that he was to go home. He was told that he would know her when she made herself present. Apparently, this alien female didn't do too well at hiding her secret. So all Aiden would need to do was enroll at the local high school and keep a watchful eye on all the female students. Luckilly for him, Aiden knew that the town didn't have a very big population, seeing as how it was a rather small town. But still, there were a lot of girls in this town. This could take months.

Aiden sighed as his eyes scanned the hallway around him. It was empty of course, first class had already started. He had been running a little late that morning. So, with a heavy sigh, Aiden shoved his hands into the pockets of his slightly baggy blue jeans and walked down the hallway to where his first class was. English. Simple enough. It wasn't like he actually needed to do good in school. It wasn't like he was actually going to be there longer than needed be. He wasn't here for an education. He was here for a mission. He was here to rid the planet of one more alien being that was unwanted and unneeded. Aiden took a deep breath as he pressed his hands againt the large wooden door that stood between himself and the English classroom that he was expected to attend. And with little effort, he pushed foreward and into the class room, immediately feeling every eye in the room fall upon him. Aiden smirked as he looked up at the teacher who had a ridiculously large smile on his face. "You must be Mr. Aiden Zurkowsky! How nice of you to show up." The teacher said in a rather chipper voice. Aiden sighed again and ran a hand through his dark hair. "Sorry sir. I got lost." Aiden lied. The teacher just shrugged and pointed at a desk half way down one of the aisles of desks. "Take a seat Mr. Zurkowsky. Class, this is the new student I was telling you all about a few moments ago. Treat him like you would anyone else, okay? Now, lets get to work." The teacher said before starting the class. Aiden moved and sat in the desk that he was told to sit at. Plopping down into the seat, he slouched down and looked around at every student around him from there, not even worried about what the teacher was speaking about.

((There we go. I've come to the conclusion he wont know that she's an alien. She never let him find out while they were growing up. It'll make it even more interesting when he finds out. xD))
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..:: Like A Game of Pickup Sticks ::.. ((Mature. Private))
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