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Great roleplaying site =]
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 Echo's Poetry

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PostSubject: Echo's Poetry   Echo's Poetry EmptyWed Feb 25, 2009 1:33 pm

Soft, yet unyielding, the knife tips to skin.

Flesh uncovered, burns deep crimson, it hasn’t been savored.

Unlisted in the phone book, there’s no one there to help.

Angst and uncertainly, it’s all a game of chance, or is it

survival of the fittest? How uncanny of you, dear sir. How uncanny indeed.

There’s a bend in time,

Can you find it?

Your memories become vivid,

Can you feel it?

Your emotions become hollow,

Can you remember?

Eliminating troubles,

Can you find a solution?

Thin ice,

Do you dare to take a step?

Tumble in the night, no light, just an array of furniture.

Cry baby, hush now, love. Mum’s come to make it better.

There’s no demand once the bottles been given, nurse it all

to care, the mornings usually come bright.

Young mothers, forbid they give up. Stupid?

Make a choice, “draw the line”

Field and plow, work as one…but that’s not all.

Surprise and flutter, to what you ask?

Watch and see and you will know,

Learn and bear and it’s all for show.

Make a choice, “draw the line”
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Echo's Poetry
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