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Great roleplaying site =]
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 The Story of the Four Horsemen

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PostSubject: The Story of the Four Horsemen   The Story of the Four Horsemen EmptyThu Dec 30, 2010 3:36 am

The Story of the Four Horsemen 2horsemen

Time had come; they felt it was near, the end of the world. The battle of Good and Evil had begun a short while ago. The fallen angels spawned from the depths of hell and flew towards the Heavens to take down the Almighty God. The angels of Heaven flew down to meet the fallen angels in battle; they started the clash, slaughtering in what the humans called 'Limbo'. Wings were cut, ripped, and torn off from the bodies; blood covered and stained the white feathers.

Everything was right and balanced came to an end. Darkness would soon reign over the world as God took back his children to bring to Heaven before Lucifer could make them his. However, redemption had to be made, the Four Horsemen had to make their triumph over the world and slay the sinners.

The seals were before God and his only son, Jesus. All God had to do was think of the seals to break; however, as the thought came about, a Fallen Angel breached through the Heaven's angels. Sword up and ready to strike down the Almighty Lord; God waited for the attack though the attack quickly turned from the Lord to the seals. God opened the seals immediately to release the Four Horsemen before the seals were destroyed. Although, the Fallen Angel managed to strike at the first four before they opened; Jesus opened his mouth to speak and the Fallen Angel exploded from the inside. Jesus looked up towards God; they both knew something had gone wrong in the opening of the seals. Looking down to the Earth under them, they laid their trust within the Four Horsemen.

* * *

Life. They were alive. The Four Horsemen were created for one purpose to carry out God's will.

Conquest opened his eyes first; there were no sea of flames, pile of already mangled bodies, or Fallen Angels attempting to steal the people from their mortal world. Conquest glanced around, to see that he and his brothers were in a concrete warehouse, abandoned from sometime. Conquest's eyes went to his right side, beside him were his other three brothers standing in a line, all of them still asleep; War, Famine, and Death. Turning around, he looked behind him, examining the architecture of the warehouse; his eyes scanned over the chipped and broken windows positioned over the back exit.

He breathed--breath. Conquest didn't remember God telling them they would breathe. His tongue slid over his upper lip to lick up sweat--taste. A breeze blew in from the entrance through the broken windows--sensation. Slowly the puzzles pieces landed in place; he lifted up his hand to cover his mouth. He blocked off the air way and soon enough he could no longer breathe; his face became red, then purple, and finally blue. His sight began to dot and blur as his head became light. Conquest removed his hand quickly for breath, taking deep gasps.

"Human," Conquest hissed. He turned his head towards his brothers; he moved around to War, the second oldest and grabbed his shoulders. He felt his warmth. He shook his brother slightly to waken him, "Brother, War, we are human!" he exclaimed in shock.

The Four Horsemen knew to do God's every biding and they were taught how to do it--a certain way--though being human was never included in the briefing. Conquest could only assume Lucifer was at hand, their God could never make mistakes.

[OOC: I want them to wake in the order they arrive XD and I hope this is okay. I wasn't sure how to start it XD Weird doing this post XD Oh and if you want your pictures edited, just let me know, I'd be more than happy too :D Private for Pierce. BTW they are nude xD since they're just born but they haven't sinned so they aren't sure about nudity and how it's wrong XD]

The Story of the Four Horsemen Twohorsemen
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The Story of the Four Horsemen
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