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Great roleplaying site =]
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 Dreams, Memories...Life.

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Dreams, Memories...Life.  Empty
PostSubject: Dreams, Memories...Life.    Dreams, Memories...Life.  EmptyTue Nov 16, 2010 7:59 am

I stand here on the warm sands of a pure white beach, staring at the endless blue ocean that spans before my vacant gaze. It's as if I'm staring past the rushing waves and into a world unknown. The sky above is empty, shades lighter than the crystal waters lapping at my toes. A breeze kicks up and it brings with it thoughts of dreams, of memories I thought I had long but forgotten. Such mundane memories it aroused and yet they are strangely comforting. The fact that I had existed in the past, done something memorable whether it was known to others or merely myself.
In my head a faint melody begins to play, a voice sings lyrics I have never heard. This was not a memory but something else. The ocean and the sound of the crashing waves are entirely gone, absent from my world as I become immersed. The song continues and the face of the songstress is revealed. I now stare at an image of myself in another time. In another place. In another world. Is this a dream? Or is it possible that, even if it was brief, I caught a glimpse of what my 'other' me has done with her life.
The tune fades and darkness clouds my eyes. I feel as if I have fallen into the ocean now. My body is light but I do not feel like I'm sinking. Rather existing in a world beneath the waves of memory. Curtains of light flutter through the surface and bounces off the surface of a large, translucent mass. Closely I look to find I am surrounded by harmless jellyfish, also floating, also existing in this dream like state. I need no air here and so I smile at the creatures. To admire something so simple...

If someone asked me 'What are Memories and Dreams?' I would reply with a relaxed, unclouded thought.
"A vast and endless ocean."
Memories are the waves that constantly roll in and out. Never do they stop.
Dreams are the creatures who inhabit this big wide ocean. They come in many shapes and sizes but all hold their own nature and beauty.
That's what memories and dreams are.

If another asked me 'What do you think you would be in a parallel world?' I would not answer but instead think of all the possibilities of what I could be in this world.
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Dreams, Memories...Life.
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