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Great roleplaying site =]
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PostSubject: WE Were   WE Were EmptySun Nov 07, 2010 2:51 pm

We are eagles without bound,
We are beings with mid-summer night's dreams,
We are callings of unrefined tongues,
We are animals who relapse on mistakes, in grace but with no acknowledgment.
If the sun was the night and the Moon was the day, our feet would walk among the living light.
The stars are in our grasp, but their dreams are elusive to some,
The sea is behind our ears, yet we swim wherever a wake sweeps.
And even Though we're never in sync, we are all the same.
And So where they, the fellow trees before us...

They were roots in denial,
They were an absent hope's savior.
They were hawks, but with no sense of the word,
They were screams wanting change, both in coins and profanity.

Yet we are richer now, not in clover, but rather in blind wisdom,
We, although our cynical nerves dimmer our faces, smile at our future. And one day, we will say;
We Were humming birds in search of honey,
A summer's midnight dream above our heads,
We Were free speaking voices,
We Were children still learning in rhythm,
Heavy sleepers and night creepers are what our eyes told,
Once infinite with potential, but some never understood.
Still wet from maternal dew, we followed our own instinct in pure pursuit
And though we argued, we were and still are, same.
So, one day, when our time comes to express our past, we will all just say;
We Were Young Once upon a Long Ago Time.

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WE Were
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