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Great roleplaying site =]
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 Teenage Love Is Everlasting

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PostSubject: Teenage Love Is Everlasting   Teenage Love Is Everlasting EmptySat Nov 06, 2010 5:46 pm

I remember those night where you'd hold me when I cried
And you'd collect those tears and tell me everything will be alright
Then ideas will pop, you never let me down when it comes to bringing a smile on me instead of a frown
I remember that blissful sky, where we thought so many stars were impossible to shine
Since our city is full of light, we'd never thought that we'd be making a wish or two
And the ocean was black as my shoes
We'd be scared to jump but we'd do... anything for fun
You'd hold me and say if the jellyfish stung we'd lay in the same hospital room and say it's was worth it because "I'm having fun with you"
So I'll let the chilly waters prey on my warmth and strip me of my senses and grow cold
When we climb out of the waters, the beach will be behind us and the sand will cover our skin, let it be my dress and your tuxedo
If I died from pneumonia, I'd watch you from the sky and hug the star we wished upon
To say that I am glad you are so well and okay
I remember the night we you would sneak over and climb through the window and call to say you have a surprise
And I'd wake up in the morning on the bedroom floor because it's take me a while to remember I spend the whole night awake with you
You would come to my house and tell my parents hello while we both laugh at our inside joke
Because we both know you were only here a few hours ago
Then we'd be left alone in the room and sneak a kiss or some love without the sight from the other ones
The only thing I can hope for now, is for a future tied up with you

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Teenage Love Is Everlasting
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