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Great roleplaying site =]
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PostSubject: The Next #1 Hit! XD   The Next #1 Hit! XD EmptyMon Oct 25, 2010 11:51 pm

Not really a poem, but an untitled song I'm working on. Critique welcome.

Showing up one more time
The scars I hid so well
The beautiful arrangement
That we had so far and few between
My skin under your nails
Your tears upon my shoulder
I think the truth is that
I found the cure to growing older

A fifth later and I'm going in shock
The beating heart slows its pace
I would give up my paradise
Just to touch your face
Just once more

I'm only a liar, a sick twisted fraud
But you've known that from the first moment
This heaven and hell complex
Is driving me to the point of duress
This torture you put me through
I wouldn't hate it as much if it wasn't you
You're not my favorite person
But I can't help but to love you
Damn my soul for the things I've done
I only wanted something done right

One pound later and I'm going in shock
The lungs begin to fail
I would give up my paradise
Just to end this hell
You do it so well

I only wanted something real
Something when I touch I feel
A death embrace, a caloused hand
And someone there who understands

Just one kiss later I'm going in shock
The truth it all fades and it's never enough
Put this record down
Shove it down your throat
Then you may know how it feels
Then you may know how it feels
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The Next #1 Hit! XD
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