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 Long Dream

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PostSubject: Long Dream   Long Dream EmptySat Jun 05, 2010 8:56 pm

You've taken the white clothes of Winter
Coldly, I follow you
In the winter breeze a butterfly is unable to live
I find myself falling in the snow, falling into a deep sleep

If a thousand years have passed
If I can meet you one more time, I will wake up
I am having a long and sad dream
Today, I am alone... I will continue to sleep

I am far away
From my lovers
In the blue lake that looks like tears

I shined in summer with
The light coming through the trees
But now the leaves have turned dead since then...

Since I can whisper your name
Somehow, I will call back those days

Since then, I am not living
My heart has become broken just like this
In the time of our parting, you gave me a rose
Even today, I am sadly smelling it in my heart even though the thorns harm me

I loved you
Even the angels
Freeze in the wind
As I lost my voice
From calling your name

"I forgot myself,"
You said so painfully
So, should I
Hate you now?

Since then, I am not living
My heart has become broken, just like this
I pierced my heart with a needle of the moon
Covered in snow, I will close my eyes

In my dreams,
I am softly touching your lips
And if one snowflake has melted,
Please, don't wake me

The night the powdered snow flutters
Hasn't danced already
Instantly, it disappears
It's a dream, so its okay, but I want to meet you one more time

If a thousand years have passed, I will wake up
I am having a long and sad dream
If I can meet you one more time, I check to see if you've returned
Today, I am alone again... I will continue to sleep
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Long Dream
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