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 In here, I go

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PostSubject: In here, I go   Fri May 28, 2010 12:13 am

Hither on the mountain top,
Hitherto and in [this] place, "I go"
The burnished leaves are shattered, warm
Leading me to a void
Untouched and grimed as it mends with the earth,
As it has always done.
As we are nourished, and forever bonded to,
We subvert to the favors desired by man's governing,
And within this governing, we institute it's fairness,
We subvert, while the soil burns and calcifies underneath our feet.
Underneath the burned ductile we clothe our feet.
And in your mind, submissiveness is only but Just.
And in your heart, bereavement is Wrong.
And the Earth dies, yet still we haven't showed compassion for it.

Hither on the mountain top,
Hitherto and in [this] place, "I go"
If you boon your desires in form and parallelism,
Then I know that you show no compassion to others. - Christopher Manic
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In here, I go
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