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 Ghostly Night

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PostSubject: Ghostly Night   Sun May 23, 2010 11:33 pm


I hear a whisper in my ear, sounds like it is coming near.
I open up my eyes to see a ghostly women coming to me.
My heart is racing my hands start to shake as soon my body begins to quake.
Slowly she comes and holds out a hand, I swing my feet over and begin to stand.
The melody she starts to hum, now my legs are feeling num.
I try to take the hand i see but all she does is go through me.
She goes to the window, still humming her song then looks to me to see if I'm tagging along.
My non stop stare as she continues to walk, my mouth is dry, can barely talk.
Away she floats into the night, the stars, the moon are shining so bright.
She fade away like mist on a lake, now I lay in my bed, wide awake.
I hear the ghostly song, to this very day, every time I begin to lay.
The cold cold hand that went through me, the ghostly face which I still see,
drove me to an early grave in the ground, now I lay there, without a sound.
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Ghostly Night
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