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 My first poem...

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PostSubject: My first poem...   Sun May 23, 2010 9:00 pm

Title:This is me....

This is me
Not able to escape what you call reality
I hate it
But you love it
Just like everyone else on this planet
Everyday is a living hell for me
Everyone hates me
And I hate everyone
This is me
An empty shell
Filled with Hate,Sorrow,Anger
This is me

(Ok so yeah I wrote this when I was 17, I was emo You can say,but i never dressed as one or anything. I found refuge in games and anime.
I know its not as creative as other poems on here, or as long, but I just wanted to post it to see what others thought about it.

Dark times.....dark times indeed.
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My first poem...
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