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 Poet & Diva ( For all the people I rp'd with )

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PostSubject: Poet & Diva ( For all the people I rp'd with )   Thu May 20, 2010 11:14 pm

When the curtains open
Even the stars will cry at her serenade

I was in love with you in those days
But the fragrance of sadness is quietly returning in the air
And it pierces my heart

After putting on your sorrowful perfume, they appear
Dancing and singing, the mischievous girls
Of the rose colors

I am the Poet, and you've become my muse
Diva of fate, all my writing I'll dedicate to you
I am the Poet, with the pen of prayers
Alone, with my poetry

The letter I write with the dark colours of the ocean ink
Is remaining by the window
Until the beautiful dawn descends revealing the words
"I love you, my dear"

I am the Diva, my heart is singing
Tonight's Prima, on the stage of love
I am the Diva, even if my voice withers
Alone, I am singing

Say that you love me
Say that I am good
Just because the end is arriving to the show
Is that why you desire me?

Flap your wings, my ambitions
To a place higher than anyone's
So that you can keep on rising
I'll keep on singing

I am the Poet, my thoughts of love
Diva of fate, I dedicate it to you
I am the Poet, with the pen of prayers
Alone, with my poetry

I am the Diva, inside your heart
Prima of sorrow, I want to fall
I am the Diva, unable to slip my shoes off
Alone, I am dancing

Sidenote: I guess I need to explain this one.

All the rp's that I've been a part of have always been poetry to me, created by a person who let their artistic talent out and I've always been inspired by the plot that was made between myself and many with you. You've all become my muse in making RP's and characters, and I love that artistic side - but there's always a sad bit where I have to realize that I can't expect you to rp with solely me, that your talent is shared by others, which is why I wanted to thank you all for tolerating me.

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Poet & Diva ( For all the people I rp'd with )
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