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 Freezing Heart

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PostSubject: Freezing Heart   Thu May 13, 2010 6:54 pm

Time Flows
The years go by,
And Nobody Knows

Night Falls,
You think your eyes deceive you
Tell it to yourself
Say it's just a nightmare

Why should you matter
Your dreams as a child?
Your Innocence is Gone
Faces are changing
But nothing is changing the pain

No One Can Help
Even the Angels refuse to come near
You only remember the days that weren't granted to you
She's not here
And you know, You Know

The present that had erased your vivid wound -
Her Warmth that steals everything -
Her Arms that could wipe away even punishment -
You longed for them, you searched for them
Even though they're Illusions

The Splinters of Memories are Rotting Away
The piercings that Fill you aren't enough
You're Forgetting - It's Blurring
Her Voice disappears into the Static Noise

They're Rotting, They're Shedding -
Without leaving a trace - you're forgetting
Her Voice Fades Away Into The Noise
And you wonder;
Who's There?

The Cold,
The Night,
The Fear,
Emptiness surrounds you,
No One Can Help

And Your Heart Begins to Change
Chilling Itself
While you Stand in the streets with
Hell Frozen Rain Falling
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Freezing Heart
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