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 Kill or be killed(Private)Mature

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PostSubject: Re: Kill or be killed(Private)Mature   Tue Jan 12, 2010 10:41 pm

She was just not a no one. She was a girl who had survived the injection of the four elements as a child. She had escaped. She had wanted her freedom and now she was hunted. She ran along the road. Leaping over a car. When someone almost hit her she deiced then to cry for help. She had ran along the street. Onto the side walk. And right into the one she knew. Her mind body and spirit jerked to a stop. Oh this could NOT be happening.

She grabbed his arm quickly and began to run again. She was running along a side street. She closed her eyes. Focusing on the wind she had them up on the first balcony and she pushed him down so they couldn't be seen. She watched the men go by and sighed. It was a sigh of fear and releife.

Then she looked at the male and before he could speak she had a fist full of burning fire in her hand. "WHo the hell are you! Why do I keep dreaming of you?" She gave a slight growl. She was unease around him. But when she had no clue who he was who wouldnt be. She had the flames aimed for his shirt her other hand brushed back some chestnut brown hair behind her ear.
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PostSubject: Kill or be killed(Private)Mature   Tue Jan 12, 2010 10:28 pm

The night was cool and the moon bright and full at a secluded estate on the outskirts of Tokyo. Sitting up with a gasp in bed. Itsuki was breathing heavily as the sweat ran down his face and neck. "That dream again... just who is this girl?" He muttered. Looking to his clock he saw it was 5:00 a.m. Itsuki sighed and threw the blanket off and got up out of bed deciding to get up for the morning.

Two hours later he was in town sipping his tea at his usual cafe while reading the morning paper. Finishing his breakfast he paid the bill at the cashier and left the cafe. That's when he suddenly heard a voice scream, "SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE!!" Turning just as a girl ran by him his eyes were wide as he realized she was the one he kept dreaming about." He saw her take off with men chasing after her
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Kill or be killed(Private)Mature
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