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 Let's Jump Off A Bridge

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PostSubject: Let's Jump Off A Bridge   Wed Sep 23, 2009 9:02 pm

Note: First poem in a really long time. Doesn't really rhyme...(but that did xD) so ya...enjoy though.

I stand on this bridge.
The bridge called life.
As I stand, I wonder.
Should I jump or should I not?

Would they care?
Would they miss me?
Would he care?
Would he miss me?

Does it matter whether I die now?
Or live on?
We all die eventually.

So I stand here on this bridge.
The bridge called life.
And I stare at the abyss below.
The ever so welcoming abyss.

Let's jump off a bridge.
Feet slip, I fall forward.
I wake up.
It was a dream.

{ rhym...not really a poem either...oh well =\}
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Let's Jump Off A Bridge
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