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 Untitled song idea

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PostSubject: Untitled song idea   Tue Sep 15, 2009 9:12 pm

*deep breathing*
Why? Am I sinking down deep into the depths?
Within my torrent of pain darkness over takes me.
I can feel the quiver of my own breaths.
Struggling but no one can see.
Hatred of my insanity. Causes my own internal colamity

Restless Intentions
Breathless Exception
Hopeless Perception

(chorus 1)
Restless mind aches from my failed intentions
Breathless I wait to see one meet my exception
Hopeless I am to my demented perception

Longing for the day to come where I can feel love
Hungry for a calm to overtake the rage that twists within
Waiting for another sign from the ones above
To much of this pain have I taken in
Alone I stand as my mind thrashes blind.
The predicament has taken its toll and I'm Thrashin!

(chorus 2)
Restless Intentions
Restless mind Aches from my intentions
Breathless Exception
Breathless I wait for one to meet my exception
Hopeless Perception
Hopeless I am to my demented perception
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Untitled song idea
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