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PostSubject: Re: Temptation   Tue Aug 25, 2009 8:06 am

The situation appeared to be dire indeed; the alleyway in which the car was parked seemed to be all but deserted except for Miracle and the stranger. And though the dark figures of people walking by the entrance to the completely enshadowed street were visible it was unlikely any of them would see or notice her predicament.

It was by sheer coincidence that Kole had chosen this very alleyway in which to shelter huddled within the shadow of the tall buildings. He had been there for some time when a door had swung open and a female had stepped into his field of vision. His nostrils flared at the delicate and intoxicating aroma of the gentle look creature before him, driving him silently to his feet.

Crouched within the shadows, Kole found himself disappointed by the presence of another. A male and just as inhuman as himself. Lip curled in a snarl as he rose to his full height, still hidden in shadow as he watched the man force Miracle against a nearby car.

"I believe the young lady told you not to touch her..."

Kole wasn't sure if it was out of jealous, or perhaps an unexplainable need to protect the young woman before him, but for whatever reason he had revealed himself. He stood not far from them, a couple of feet at the most, head slightly bowed despite his height. Lips twitched into a faint smirk as the stranger responded to his words of warning, fiery red hair hung loosely over his face, concealing his deep emerald eyes from sight.

"I saw her first, find your own meal brother..." Miracle's attacker snarled, fangs now bared openly and eyes narrowed into menacing slits. Kole did not seem at all intimidated, tilting his head slightly so that the long strands of hair fell away from his left eye, the piercing gaze fixed upon his kin, seeming to completely ignore the young female. Sweeping his tongue over his fangs, the red-head's lips parted to permit a small laugh, his own canines visible for a brief moment before his mouth closed again.

Without warning Kole's right fist swung in a wide arc, coming in contact with the older vampire's jaw and sending him backward, onto the solid concrete. Stepping forward, he didn't give the other male a chance to recover, leaning down to grasp him by his clothes and haul him to his feet. Slamming the stranger's back against a nearby wall, the red-head leaned forward, his next words more of a snarl than a sentence, “I won't ask again..." The warning hiss seemed to be enough to convince the other for once Kole had shoved him forcefully toward the entrance of the alleyway, the stranger stumbled off, clutching his jaw.

Watching with a small smirk of satisfaction, the red-head remained where he stood, his back mostly to Miracle which would perhaps provide her with a chance to collect herself. Her reprieve would not last long however, for as soon as the older vampire had disappeared from sight Kole turned sharply upon his heel and positioned himself in front of her.

He towered a good foot or so above her, broad shoulders suggested that the power which he had displayed in chasing off her attacker was matched equally by muscle. Khaki pants covered his lower body, a thick black canvas belt secured tightly around his waist. A white tank top hugged his well toned and muscular torso, a military style camouflage jacket lying around his shoulders concealing his arms within it's sleeves. And, if Miracle's gaze ever wandered that far down, heavy military style boots housed his feet.

Kole stood there in silence, smouldering emerald eyes fixed upon the young woman's face, deep breaths drawn in through his noise as he savoured her scent.

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PostSubject: Re: Temptation   Mon Aug 24, 2009 7:09 pm

no, that isn't your character. you can bring in your guy however you want to

and thanx for joining :]
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Registration date : 2009-08-23

PostSubject: Re: Temptation   Mon Aug 24, 2009 6:52 pm

[[Reserving this post, i shall edit with my reply once i receive an answer to this question - Is my character the man you have already described, or yet to be introduced?]]
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PostSubject: Temptation   Sat Aug 22, 2009 2:57 am

Name: Miracle Angeles
Age: Just turned 17
Eyes: hazel
Height: 5’3
Body Type: petite, thin with subtle curves
Other: blood is especially tempting to vampires

The day of her seventeenth birthday started off like any other. After finishing her morning routine getting ready to leave for work, Miracle walked into the kitchen of their small apartment. On the table was a small, homemade surprise. Autumn was standing there next to it, gesturing to it proudly. A smile lit up her face and Miracle couldn’t help but chuckle softly. “Wow,” she said with fake enthusiasm as she moved closer. “You actually made me a cake.” She examined it again before looking back at her younger sister. It couldn’t exactly qualify for a complete cake, considering it was more the size of a muffin. “Or, a… cupcake.” She scoffed at the pathetic little pastry, but then gave an encouraging smile before bending down to pluck off a small piece and pop it into her mouth. The reassuring smile was immediately replaced by an attempt to imitate its original genuineness. She struggled to retain the same, appreciative expression, but the distaste was obvious on her face. “Mmm,” she murmured weakly as she lifted her fingers to her lips to lick off the icing that still resided on her fingertips. “Ok, no more playing Betty Crocker for you.”

She grabbed her brown jacket off the back of one of the chairs, flung it around her shoulders, and pushed her arms through the sleeves. Flipping her hair out from beneath the jacket collar, she pinned it up into a messy bun at the back of her head. “I’m leaving for work, but I’ll see you at home?” She slipped into her small pair of worn out sneakers and headed for the door. Before closing it behind her, she gave Autumn one more smile from over her shoulder and said, “We’ll find a way to celebrate when I get back if that’ll make you happy.”

She walked down the stairs of the building until she made her way outside and then began her walk down the street. The world seemed sort of gray; tired and dreary. The city they lived in never really changed over time. And Miracle didn’t expect to stand out in it either. She sort of blended in with her reserved, somewhat shy personality, and even with her long-sleeved, dark grey shirt with a respectable V-neck, and the wearied, long jeans that she wore. She never really expected to be seen as anything other than what people saw on the outside. Nearly the complete opposite of her sister Autumn. Autumn wasn’t only unique because of her fun personality, but also because she possessed an ability that she’s known since she was two years old. With a mere touch, she could instantly feel exactly whatever it was another was feeling. Miracle never once doubted her claims that she was able to do such a thing. And though she’d never told anyone but her own sister, it was just one more thing that added to her impossible inimitability that everyone who met her found unceasingly interesting.

And Miracle? She was a simple waitress at a run-down Scoreboards where everyone who walked in came to sit at the bar and waste away into their drunken state. She was opinionated about certain things, but still open-minded, and undoubtedly brave when the situation called for it, but she kept mostly to herself. She opened herself up completely and totally to her sister, and that was all she needed. No one else had even come close to really knowing her, probably because no one had been interested enough to do so in the first place. But for now, she was content in her average life with Autumn.

When she finally arrived at the restaurant, she hurriedly shrugged out of her jacket and tied the black apron around her waist to begin her shift. The day was relatively slow, a costumer would walk in occasionally and seat themselves at the bar or have a quick meal and leave. Still, Miracle worked at her best to earn any tips she could. A man soon walked in through the door and smoothly made his way directly up to her. Leaning his arm on the podium she stood behind, he leaned in uncomfortably close to her. He was handsome in the common respect, but something about his expression or his gaze made Miracle feel as if she should recoil away from him. His pale lips twisted into a crooked smile and he calmly requested a table. Miracle grabbed a menu and stayed as far away from him as she could without being noticeably rude as she lead him to a booth. He took his seat with unnatural grace and accepted the menu from her, but only to lay it flat down on the table in front of him. His eyes never left her as she spoke her practiced lines about beverages and specials for the day. Though, it didn’t seem like he was looking into her eyes. He scanned her entire body before returning to her face, another malevolent-looking smile gracing his face as if in approval.

Miracle couldn’t mask the insulted and confused look that fell upon her features, and she quickly broke away from his view to go and retrieve his requested glass of water. He looked to be about… twenty-five, maybe twenty-six years old. And any man over the age of twenty-one was already out of the question for her. Besides, he seemed so… malicious, vile, like he was thinking unimaginably disgusting thoughts behind that seemingly charming and suave exterior. Luckily, before she could return to take his order, Miracle was asked to retrieve her co-worker’s keys from her car out around back, as a favor. She took the job thankfully, just so she wouldn’t have to face those strangely threatening eyes from the mystery man again.

But out back behind the building, the atmosphere was oddly eerie. It was dusk now as the sun began to sink down below the horizon and behind the shade of the tall buildings ahead. She ignored the pessimistic feeling in her gut and continued on to the car parked out in front of her. Before she had even reached the car door however, she heard the door that she’d come through open and close tight to admit another person. She couldn’t be sure, but she thought she heard the lock click to secure its position. Turning around, she was instantly pushed back, her shoulders pinned against the car, and it took her a moment to comprehend that someone was holding her there. It, of course, was the same man she had been trying to avoid. His eyes smoldered hungrily as he looked her over again.

“You shouldn’t go out alone, sweetheart,” his voice was icy. “You’re too vulnerable. Someone might take advantage of you.” Miracle could only stand there, her lips parted as if to speak, but her breath caught in her throat. Her heart beat sped up in response to the hint of adrenalin now flowing through her veins. He was slightly hunched over, bending down to almost match his eye level with hers, considering that he was attractively tall and she was on the smaller side to begin with. He released one of her shoulders to gently trail his fingers down along her stomach, his eyes following after. He let out a very quiet hum. “Tempting,” he said in a deep, frightening voice. “But not so nearly tempting as this..” His hand then slid up to her neck, gliding along the surface of her skin to lightly place two fingers beneath her jaw line and tilt her head away from him.

He seemed to take in a deep breath, releasing it in a satisfied sigh. She could feel his presence slowly getting closer, his icy breath on her neck, and she was finally able to regain her breath, her common sense rushing back to her. She fought to push him away from her, but he held on to her wrist. “Don’t touch me,” she whispered harshly when he pulled her in closer.

((Alright, let me explain this: In this world, people know that vampires are very rare, but they do exist. They are being hunted and tracked down, by the government or something. If caught, they would be tortured and experimented on, or simply executed. And if anyone was found helping one, they would be detained, questioned, imprisoned, etc. Also, in this world, you cannot be turned into a vampire by being bitten. And vampires do not have special powers except that they are a bit stronger than a normal human and don’t get tired or anything like that. Sunlight doesn’t bother them, but they aren’t fond of it.

Now then! I need a male vampire who my character and Phantomdevic’s character (who will be joining in as Autumn a little bit later) will take into their home to hide. The male vampire should be kinda tough, rough around the edges. I would like him and my character to fight, sort of bicker a lot, but then they start to trust each other and become closer. *wink*wink*. Please have his age, (or, you know, appearance age), be somewhere between 18 and 21. We would kinda like for him to maybe very slowly and unknowingly sort of fall in love with either Miracle or Autumn. Your choice.

You MUST be descriptive, describe everything your character is doing and feeling with care please, you MUST provide a picture of your character, (if you don’t know how, just ask), and PLEASE try to post at least once a day. There is no posting order, so post as often as you like.))

(P.S. i promise, this won’t be another cheesy vampire rp. It’ll be kool!)

(Here's a little bit better picture of her face)
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PostSubject: Re: Temptation   

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