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PostSubject: Hopelessness   Tue Jul 14, 2009 11:50 pm

Listen this is more a rant then poem.

Ok one two three.

As I write my vision is blurred but the room is spinning.
A damn test of false knowledge keeps me from wining
I tend the fields of my loneliness to keep me from Fonyness
Hopeless romantic caught in Fondness, left to die in darkness.

My words ring to you as some kind of obscenity.
But I look into this word as and its fragility
To love my heart is always faithful.
But my eyes have become quite dull.

I feel a sinking pain him my heart
It's taste on my tongue is tart.
I see I really am raging in a cage.
So I now end this Page.

(P.S. Everyone that reads this thank you... and yet at the same time go to hell.)
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