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 The past should stay in the past (my horrible first time falling in love)

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PostSubject: The past should stay in the past (my horrible first time falling in love)   Sun Jul 05, 2009 1:50 pm

Here's a story where the past rides the victim's back
And it's hard to say it's left behind
Her name is A.C., intials are all there is to need to know
Her mind clouded with desperation and a run to freedom
Leaded her to a fall where others can't see her
And new friends just shun and call her names
For not understanding the pain she had to escape
A.C. smoked to prove her love
She was blinded by the mistakes he'd cause
That guy who hurt her precious heart
And taught her how to never fall in love again
He chased after her to have her play back
Only to be fooled that he didn't want her at all

He was interested in a girl name Angie
And used A.C. to get her with passionate
Lies! And she still yearned for him
And when finally, just finally she decided to let go
He held on tight and toyed with her ALL
And A.C. felt herself falling again
Until another hand reached out and saved her in the end
This lasted for months, almost a year
Leaving behind Felix without fear
But he wasn't going to give up easy, A.C. was his toy
He confessed he still loved her, (haha that's hard to believe)
Little by little she left him behind
And there was constant fighting between Felix and her savior
They both wanted her and left her to choose
A.C. picked her savior, a right choice to choose from
Months passed he still returned to have her come back
or speak to him at all
But she turned him down, telling him she was with someone new
Her savior, yeah, that's who
As soon as she felt like he was gone for good
He came back to ask for a truce
Sorry to say that truce never happened
And she never responed to any of his message
Because he was a real dick to me
I hope he gets caught smoking his precious weed for being such an asshole
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The past should stay in the past (my horrible first time falling in love)
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