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 Blood stained linolium

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PostSubject: Blood stained linolium   Thu Jun 11, 2009 12:41 am

What you meant to her you have no idea.
When you left her you hurt her
but you have no idea.
You payed no mind, no time, no love to her.
Drove her to her very own grave.
Her chest heaving in and out
trying to take in breath though no
avail in that small mission.

Why...why hurt an innocent bird?
She had nothing to begin with
though even less did she die with.
A broken heart,blood and light leaving
both alike.

She was pure innocent and free. You bound her
with black chains that were your arms.
She loved you many times and over
though nothing did you give to her
but pain and fake smiles.

So now as she lies alone
sirens in the distant breath gone and
eyes slowly closing. It flashed before
her the life she had. Fifteen years was
was all she lived
Pathetic she thought....

She finally escapted those black now blood stained
chains only she was one second to
late. So when you see her blonde hair
and green eyes in the news. And
dead body lying on the cold linolium.
I hope you see the smile on her face
that was no longer meant for you.
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Blood stained linolium
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