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 [Penny] Worth [Maybe Mature/Private]

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PostSubject: Re: [Penny] Worth [Maybe Mature/Private]   Tue Jun 16, 2009 11:41 pm

-Wow! Your not even worth a penny! Next!-

Nato had been happily enjoying her drink with some old geezer. He kept talking about his days when he was a criminal and how prison had made him change his ways. Kept telling her to not make the same mistake. A small laugh escapted her lips. "You don't have to worry about me gramps" she said simply before taking a sip of her drink. He probably had no clue that she was actually a bounty hunter. It didn't surprise her though, she may have been one of the top bounty hunters, but she wasn't in it for the fame. She actually hid herself from the world. Everyone thought her to be some small time bounty hunter actually. She was in the job for the rush it gave her, how her heart pounded when she thought she was going to die, or the challenge the criminals gave her, but most of all she was in it for the cash. Oh the money was great! She could buy herself almost anything. But she wasn't one for saving, her money went to gambling alot of the time. She wasn't all that bad at the game in all honesty, but you win some you loose some. Her red eyes looked toward the enterance and of course it took her a full two seconds to realize who the man was. A grin formed on her lips. 'Oh what fun...' she thought to herself watching as they took a seat by the bar. She quickly chugged down the rest of her drink not caring that it was actually quite a strong liquor especially for a girl like her. The man of course only starred at her, he had said ealier to her that a girl like her shouldn't be drinking that stuff, but she could hold her liquor quite well.

Moving toward the bar she leaned over the counter and made a wave toward the bar tender who came over toward her. "You want another one miss?" he said raisin his brow and she merely shook her head before a grin formed on her lips. "Nope actually I wanted to pay their drinks" she said happily pointing toward Kano and Taki. "Hm. Strange woman usually its the other way around" the bar tender said slowly watching as she placed some money on the counter. "Well I have to seeing as how they won't have the time later" she said flipping herself onto the bar and walking along the bar toward Kano. She easily removed her old western nine millimeter from its case. She cocked the gun back listening to the click before she pressed the weapon against his forehead. A wide grin on her lips before she quickly removed her other weapon, the twin of the one she held against Kano's head. She pointed it toward the bar tender who had moved to reach for his shot gun, not even looking his way. "I wouldn't do that sir" she said listening to her gun click once more. "Pleasure to finally meet you sir. In all honesty I thought I was going to be waiting for you forever" she said slowly a smile on her face for Kano.

"I'm Nato....a bounty hunter and close friends with the sheriff here" she said before she put her gun back, the one that was pointed at the bar tender anyways. He wouldn't harm her and she knew that much. Who was stupid enough to harm a close friend of the sherif. "So if you would be so kind as to come with me" she said leaning down and pulling the cigarette from between his lips. She placed it agaist her own lips taking a long drag of it before she raised her head somewhat easily blowing the smoke into the air. "I needed that. Thanks" she said simply before holding it back toward him. "Now please make this easy on both of us, more so yourself and come with me? I'd hate to blow the brains out of someone as attractive as you or your friend over there" she said slowly pointing toward Taki with her other hand which she shapped to look as if a gun. "Bang" she said a wide smile still on her lips. She definatly was a strange one.
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PostSubject: Re: [Penny] Worth [Maybe Mature/Private]   Tue Jun 09, 2009 12:33 pm

[Failure isn't really much of an option for me; it's win or die trying.]

Being a good citizen was rarely on his to-do list, and when it was, it was due to the fact that he was trying to lay low, and avoid the potential police officers and bounty hunters who wanted nothing more than his head off of his shoulders. Kano Kazewaki, one of the most notorious criminals throughout the entire world, the soul individual who had gotten out of one of the most prestigeous and top-security prisons in the country without a scratch on him, was currently seated with his feet on the table in front of him, a cigarette in his mouth, looking at his best friend and right-hand man, Taki, with a bored expression accenting his delightfully handsome features.

Kano was a tall and well-built male with dark, brown hair and silvery eyes that seemed as though they could look through souls. He had one peircing in his left ear, and a large scar across his chest from when he had been younger and had gotten into a street fight, though one of the members of the opposing force decided to become unfair and whip out a blade, slashing him. Kano would have died then unless Taki had found him, which explained why the two were so close now. The tall male ran a rand through his hair, taking a puff of his cigarette before grinding the bud into the ashtray in front of him. "So what's the report, Taki?" He finally asked, his deep but quite alluring voice ringing throughout the room, watching his friend's face intently for any kind of hint as to what he was going to say. When Kano couldn't, he let a smirk touch his lips, but he sat back in his chair and waited without saying anything more.

His friend gave a small sigh, with a hint of exhasperation, before he took a seat on the other side of the table, putting his eblows on the wood and staring and Kano glumly. "Why do ya gotta be so formal?" He asked rhetorically, as he knew his friend well enough to understand that he wouldn't get an answer. "Anyway, everything's set up the way that you want it. I double-checked, and then got Lero to check it again. Men are all already stationed throughout the city to make sure that nothing could go bad." Taki was quick to inform the other of all of this, and the man with silver eyes grinned.

"Good work." Was his simple answer before reaching into his pocket and pulling out a new cigarette, which he held out to his friend. Instead of reaching for the stick, Taki got out a lighter and lit it, expecting it when Kano pulled it back towards him and took a hit, eyes glinting as he held it out again. This time, his friend took it and stole a drag, keeping it in his hand just in case his friend wanted it again. Kano could definately be stingy when it came to his cigarrettes.


Drinking somehow sounded like a good idea to him, and with a town filled with mostly criminals, it would be easy to get in, show off his fake ID and down a couple of bloody mary's before he carried out his deeds in a couple of days. Stepping through the doors with none other than Taki, the pair walked straight to the bar, where they seated themselves side-by-side and ordered the same drink. Kano put his head on the table while he waited, closing his eyes for a moment, having been suddenly tired for a couple of weeks. He felt a comforting hand on his shoulder, and lifted his head to smile at his friend just as the drinks arrived in front of them on the table. He sat up straight, grabbing his drink and taking a long sip of it, before setting it down and glancing around at the bar. "Looking for someone?" Taki asked jokingly, receiving little more than a shrug.

"Not really." Kano said, turning the right way and staring at his beverage, debating on whether or not to drink the rest of it, or just have a smoke. He chose the latter, pulling out a pack of cigarrettes and taking one out. He heard a chuckle beside him and he glanced over at Taki, who was shaking his head and laughing at the same time.

"That's not good for your health, you know. Those things kill ya."

"Well, if I died, the world would sure as hell be a better place."

Taki didn't laugh, instead looked worriedly into his reflection in his half-empty glass. "If it's any consolation to you, I'd miss you." He murmured, almost too quietly for Kano to catch it. But the man had indeed heard, and he shook his head, smiling.

"I'll just have to wait until you go, then."

This time, he got a chuckle.

"Yeah, I guess so."

[It's okay! No problem at all~ :3 Umum, hope my post is alright o.o;; I kinda focused on his one true friendship, because I'm gonna do something with it later. xD I loved your post, your character is hilarious xD]
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PostSubject: [Penny] Worth [Maybe Mature/Private]   Tue Jun 09, 2009 9:46 am

-Wow! Your not even woth a penny! Next!-
Nato looked around the surronding area a smile on her lips. This was a small town, most criminals stopped by hear at least once in their lifes no matter how big or small they were. This was after all the only stop into the biggest city of the country. From hear it was a two day's trip on the fastest horse money could afford. And this little town here was the only stop before that trip. And what criminal didn't want to get to the biggest bank of the country. Or take some rich lady or kid for ransom, yep the city was a place every criminal wanted to be and on the way back...guess where you had to stop? This little town. Nato worked for the larger city, around here she didn't get paid as much for her bounties. She was supposed to, but this town wasn't doing so hot on cash all the time. As stated this was the one town many criminal's stopped in. Most noble's and what such didn't even drive through here now. They stocked up in the town before this and don't give their horses a break until they are clearly away from this town. Nato however need some extra cash right now. Having lost a little poker game back at home and was now currently in debt. She was three kings! She was sure she was going to win! How was she supposed to know the geezer right beside her had Trip ace's. It was either pay the money she owed or sleep with him. So of course she was paying the money. "Hey fat ass! Get off of me!" the man Nato sat on below her shouted angrilly toward her. She however simply ignored him, of course when he did get to annoying she kicked him.

"Your not even worth 10 dollares!" she cried glaring down at him before crossing her arms over her chest. "Oh well I suppose I can turn you in here for a little extra cash" she said grabbing the end of the rope and dragging him behind her. "Off to the police station with you" she said grinning happily before he said something rather interesting. "I know someone in torn who's worth over a million" he said quickly, going to jail was not something he wanted. He had a family to take care of in this town, and after this they were going to have to move far away from here, but it was better than not being here at all to protect them. "Over a million? I'm guessing you'll tell me where he is if I let you go? Correct?" she asked slowly kneeling down and gently stoking his cheek with her hand. "Yes?" he said softly watching as she grinned and pulled a small blade out of her boot. "Alright. I'll bite, but if your lying to my I am so taking you out" she said spinning the blade in her hand. "No one has really seen him before, only the people who work with him. He was the man behind the grand cities bank robbing last year. I had been there at the time and witnessed the whole thing. "That's impossible the reason he couldn't get away with it was because he got caught by the police" Nato said quickly.

"Yes yes. He was placed into on eof the top prison's and...escapted. Man came through here a couple days ago warning us. He had some insider help with springing him out of there. He's on his way again to get what he left behind. And this time i'm willing to bet he does it perfectly this time. If you thought he was amazing last time, he's had a year to think up everything he missed the first time around, find out every little weakness of the building" the man said watching as Nato frowned and quickly cut the ropes around him. "This better be worth it" she muttered, she hadn't gotten a day out of him, but she would most definatly know when the man showed up. People would be buzzing about it all day when he did. Just to be safe though she had better start sleeping during the days and staying up all night. Nato was so going to get the prize money on his head. Flipping through her book of bounties until she reach one of the largest one's. Not the largest, but most definatly pretty large. She gently pressed her lips to the page and moved to one of the local bars to get something to drink. This was going to pose to be quit interesting to Nato...

Ooc: Sorry this took so long doll. My internetz shut down for my lab top last night nad first tihng I did this morning was reply to "Key to my heart". Hope you don't mind this being so late. You know I love you Kyree's.
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PostSubject: Re: [Penny] Worth [Maybe Mature/Private]   

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[Penny] Worth [Maybe Mature/Private]
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