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 love, hate, antigovernment, antimilitary poem

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PostSubject: love, hate, antigovernment, antimilitary poem   Sun May 17, 2009 11:07 pm

Can you love,
A person you’ve hardly met?
A friend you can’t talk to?
A family member who doesn’t see you?
Someone who drives you crazy?
Someone who’s identical to you?
Someone who’s there?
And someone who almost never is?
What about a purpose?
What about an ideal?
Is it something you feel?
Or something you do?
Is it born with us?
Or something you must receive first?
Is it really our greatest asset?
Or do we like to think to it is?
Does it hurt us more than it helps us?
Or is love an ambivalent force, choosing neither side?
Do we choose it?
Or are we unable to deny it from ourselves?
Is love the opposite of hate?
Or is that only what we are taught to believe?
Why do the gods love?
Allah loves as much as Jesus or Buddha or Jehovah.
So why do they pit themselves against each other?
Why does love bring out the worst in people?
Jealousy, rage, violence, hatred, greed, lust.
Is love the opposite of hate, or are they just one thing that takes different forms?
Love and hate.
Good and evil.
God and the devil.
Coca-cola and pepsi.
Most people know where the line is.
For instance, I prefer coca-cola.
Maybe one needs the other?
Would coca-cola make new flavors if pepsi didn’t?
And would pepsi need to if coca-cola wasn’t around?
Good can never conquer evil and evil likewise.
If all the worlds evil washed away, what reason would people have to be good?
Would there even be a choice?
And it is self evident that love does not exist without hate.
We love, hate, destroy and create.
This is what we do, this is our fate.
We can’t say or do more, only reiterate.
It has to be this way, you see.
Kill and oppress and yet --- spread democracy.
It’s having your cake and eating it too.
It’s the way the world spins, in the manner we’ve become accustomed to.
It may be hypocritical, but it’s a simple rule.
We sign our consent to it every day by not saying what we truly think.
By not doing what we want to do.
By not living up to our full potential.
By not, by not, by not doing a lot of things.
We can’t change the world and so we consent, every day of our lives.
To live in a world where you’re old enough to kill and die for a country that won’t serve you a beer.
To live in a world where everyone listens but nobody can hear.
To live in a world where peacetime armies bring fear.
To live in a world where… well, you decide.
We consent to this, social contract if that’s what you call it.
But we must never consent to being a lesser person for it.
The stars change for no one, but we can change how we look at the stars.
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love, hate, antigovernment, antimilitary poem
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