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 You <Draft>

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PostSubject: You <Draft>   Wed Dec 08, 2010 3:23 am

I've always loved the way you laughed;
Your voice filling the air.
I've always loved the color of your eyes;
Ice blue with a touch of the ocean.
I've always seen the way you act;
Crazy and funny with your friends.
I've always loved it when we were alone;
Listening to my words.

We'd talk for hours about nothing at all;
Simple weather or complex thoughts.
We'd spend all night together,
Having thumb wars and playing cards.

I will always love the way you smell;
A mix of everything that is you.
I will always love the way you talk,
Though your riddles drive me crazy.
I will always love the way you are;
So unique no one could copy.

I will always love you.
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You <Draft>
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